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  1. fresh B. sanguinea seeds for trade, lots available. cuttings/seeds i'm interested in: Acacia acuminata Anadeanthera peregrina Banistereopsis caapi Catha edulis Diplopterys cabrerana Lophophora williamsii Mimosa hostilis Piper mythesticum Psychotria carthagenensis Psychotria viridis Tabernanthe iboga
  2. Shroom-Aura


    i've heard about this freeman stuff for sometime but haven't ever looked into it in detail. until last night something just clicked when a cop pulled me over for not indicating and gave me a $300 infrigement notice. only when I got home did I really start thinking I should not be forced to pay this and remembering the freeman stuff I started reading up. So now I've decided to take the difficult path and try to reclaim my rights using this opportunity as a catalyst. I understand it will be a difficult journey and sacrifices will have to be made in order to see it through. I also understand that is a personal quest to reclaim ones rights which no-one can do or take responsibility for except for me. Having said that I'd like to explain my situation so that incase any kind souls have any advice that may make my journey easier by not repeating mistakes of others. Firstly I am going to make and submit an Notice of Understand and Intent and Claim of Right by modifying one for New South Whales found here http://www.911oz.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=12551 . I am actually an employee of the SA government but from what I've read nothing indicates that this should effect my sovereign status. Then I will send a letter of rebuttal using the template found on page 2 of this thread explaining that I do not understand or comply with the statutory charge asking for clarification. With this I will send the carbon copy of the expiation notice I was given by the officer. Any further letters they send me I will respond with simple written letters (like rogdog's examples) explaining they are enforcing these statutory charges on my entity and not my human-being self and therefore have no relevance to me. I am expecting to probably fail at my first attempt in this and possibly end up with more charges then I started with. But I don't think there is any other cause as worthwhile fighting for then my personal freedoms. I wish all other freemen-on-the-land here courage and success in all your endeavors
  3. Shroom-Aura

    morel help

    same I've only found one in a woodchip landscape bed at a TAFE a few years ago. Never seen any since though. i've asked the Adelaide mycologist and all she said was to look in forests which have fires at some point. and to start looking from august, might have to see if I can get more specifics
  4. Shroom-Aura

    morel help

    I've been trying for a while and am really having trouble finding the right habitat for morels. I know they grow here though because I've seen one before. everytime I ask just for general habitat info all I get is "people won't give away their locations". but all I need is the general type of habitat ie what type of forest, i've been to many native and eucalypt forests with burnt trees without any success
  5. Shroom-Aura

    shroom questions

    this is the list of actives for QLD Panaeolus cinctulus Panaeolus cyanescens Psilocybe cubensis Psilocybe subaeruginosa might be possible to find some Panaeolus cinctulus if it's not too cold
  6. Shroom-Aura

    shroom questions

    subs have been found near Brisbane but they are pretty rare apparently
  7. Shroom-Aura

    Victorian Mushrooms

    middle on is definitely a sub. the ones in the background stem looks a bit weird but most likely are subs too. can't really see the one in the foreground but I'd also say sub. I also agree this is Galerina autumnalis
  8. Shroom-Aura

    Adelaide Panaeolus subbalteatus

    a very reliable mycologist on the shroomery. bioassaying is the eventual plan but so far i've found these two. Since its winter now probably won't be seeing any more for 3 months. also I hear if you don't make a brew they will make you sick so will need to find even more
  9. Shroom-Aura

    Need Some I.D

    the orange one is a young Lactarius deliciousus. the other type - no idea. and the last one is Psilocybe subaeruginosa but you obviously already knew that one
  10. Shroom-Aura

    Mushroom Hunter's Guide to the South-Eastern U.S.A.

    you should go into detail on the habitat of your psilocybin mushrooms beyond the 1 or 2 sentences that people usually write. this is the hardest thing about finding a new active is that you only have those one or two sentences to go by you need to find out the specifics by yourself. I could easily write pages on the habitat of Psilocybe subaeruginosa just looking at those weili is a trip
  11. Shroom-Aura

    Adelaide Panaeolus subbalteatus

    thanks ferret, great work! Alan rockefeller has seen these photos and confirmed they are both Panaeolus subbalteatus. Also the spore dimensions are in the range of subbalteatus. That should confirm it for the skeptics
  12. Shroom-Aura

    great southern mushroom id

    how do you know for sure it's fimicola? they are quite difficult to macroscopically identify even for mycologists. they are easily confused with Panaeolina foeinsecii and various other Panaeoli species. the only way to know for sure is microscopy
  13. Shroom-Aura

    Finds from 30+ random hunts around town (image heavy)

    sweet photos. also would be interesting to know what species of Panaeolina you have there
  14. Shroom-Aura

    WA Season

    you're close but you're way off . also subs can have very thin stems, in fact in my neck of the woods they are mostly thin stemmed
  15. Shroom-Aura

    changing avatar photo - not working

    I am IT literate, much moreso then the average person. it did work only I didnt realise because I was on my work computer at the time. and the old one still shows up even now, something to do with cookies not being refreshed or something. but it appears fine when I use my PC at home, so there is no problem have a doobie and don't stress about it. sorry if i caused you aggravation