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  1. Got it from a mate, he's got a massive collection and quite a few of these little beauties so every time I see him I try to get a couple off him.

    Got a couple of fruits from my plants last season so a couple more rosei hybrids on the way soonsmile.gif

  2. This looks like the "Terscheckii" short spine that I have:


    If yours is indeed a Validus, then I'd say mine is probably too. Does that look to be the case?

    Really hard to tell ATM, could be, is that a rooted cutting or seed grown? might have to give it a few years to be surebiggrin.gif

  3. Thanks peeps, this cut came from Fields farm, would have loved one a bit bigger but the plant is huge and pretty tough to get a nice cut a few meters up without a couple of extra people helping, may be next time.