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  1. New hybrids fresh from this season,

    Echinopsis sp. 'Super Pedro' x Echchinopsis lageniformis 'JAC008' 25 Seed

    Echinopsis sp. 'Super Pedro' x Echinopsis scopulicola 25 Seed

    New cactus listings:

    Echinopsis pachanoi 'Justin' (San Pedro) Large Plant

    Echinopsis pachanoi 'Justin' (San Pedro) Extra Large Plant

    Echinopsis tarmaensis 'KK2148' (syn. T. peruvianus var. tarmensis) Extra Large Plant

    New 'Dragibus' Volume 3 #1 : This issue contains articles on Phalaris Entheogenesis, Possible Psychocacive Properties of Cobra Venom and Sottish Heather Ale. It also includes an excerpt from Rick Strassman's new book titled DMT and the Soul of Prophecy and much more...

    Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) Extract 5:1 Granules 2g : Traditionally snuffed, smoked or chewed for mood enhancement, relaxation and antidepressant.


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