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  1. Listed some Alicia anisopetala plants. Native to Peru. Known as Black Ayahuasca, Black Yage and Black Caapi. Get em while you can, these wont last long.

    New listings:

    Pouteria campechiana: Canistel flesh is sweet, with a texture often compared to that of a hard-boiled egg yolk, hence its colloquial name "eggfruit". It is closely related to the Mamey sapote and abiu. As the related lucuma, the canistel can be eaten out of hand. The ripe fruit has been made into jam, marmalade, pancakes, and flour. The ripe flesh is blended with milk and other ingredients to make a shake, and pureed it is sometimes added to custards or used in making ice cream.

    Rollinia deliciosa (Biriba): A species of flowering plant in the custard-apple family, Annonaceae, that is native to tropical South America. It is cultivated for its edible fruits, commonly known as biriba, throughout the world's tropics and subtropics.

    Copaifera langsdorfii (Diesel Tree): A interesting source of biodiesel, the hydrocarbons in Copaiba are terpenes, which are made by plants from isoprene commonly known as turpentine. Heated up, terpenes break down into methanol (CH3OH) and other simple compounds useful for fuel and as raw materials in the chemical industry.Traditionally used as a topical analgesic (pain-reliever) and anti-inflammatory for wounds, rashes, dermatitis, bug bites, boils, and psoriasis; as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and antimicrobial agent for internal and external bacterial infections; for nail and skin fungi; for skin cancer; for stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

    Echinopsis knuthiana 'Fields' Small, Large.

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  2. ha! thats from me that plant. it should be called dandenong or ferntree gully as that is where the collector lived, domnt have his name, i just called it melted. E gave me half of what he collected in 2005 and kept the other half. I been propagating that plant since. wonder why it is called sina?

    This clone was named by Sharxx, he got it from the cactus show in Melbourne several years ago. Could be the same clone being passed around under different names? Have you got any pics hebrew?

  3. The 'Sharxx Blue' clone was named by an older member here PD. As mentioned the plant originates from Dawsons, It's toward the right front near the patch of spachianus.

    Here's a pic of what is left of the parent plant....




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