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  1. What size were the flowers, any photo's? If it has regular sized Tricho flower's it doesn't deserve the title really.

    There were a couple flowers around summertime and yes they did seem a bit smaller than regular tricho flowers, about 70% of the size of wat you'd expect from a run of the mill pedro. If i can dig up some photos soon i will post them up

  2. Hi everyone, just lettin you know I've got a couple of good lookin T. macrogonus mid-cuttings up for auction over at Swap N Sell

    These cuts come from a very hardy specimen, only gettin morning sun due to being planted right between a shed and an enormous T. knuthianus/kubianus plant. Some arms had actually grown into the knuthianus bush and popped out the other side - this guy just keeps goin and going!

    As for the name Bendy thats more of a reference to this guy's home, as opposed as singling it out as a unique strain of macrogonus, not to imply this one aint in a league of its own though (yet to bioassay) :P

    Strike rates for seed from this same plant are up in the 90+ percentile, so you can bet on good genetics. PM if you'd like some seed (pretty fresh, just a couple months) from this one too.

    If you'd like anymore info on the cuts or their mother ask away :)

    30cm mid cut


    31cm mid cut


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  3. Yeah i was hoping for a global setting. its a pain in the ass trying to remember every time to flag that option, and then trying to remember if i've done it at all :P

    Torsten, any chance of getting this feature installed/enabled?

  4. Nice looking cuts, they would be about 30cm or so?

    If you still have them in a week or so I would like to grab one. I can pick up too since I drive past that area a couple times a week.

    sounds sweet got a few rooted plants too keep me posted

  5. This specimen was labelled kubianus by Rob Fields, whose old man was one of the first people in Australia to establish a major cactus collection. Whether he's mislabeled it i dunno, i just take his word for it. He seems pretty knowledgable on a lot of tricho's, even if it clashs with wat is considered common knowledge today.

  6. If anyone has available the following plants i have various tricho's (among these, quite a few kubianus's) or cash or other stuff for trade. PM me for more details.


    • Pereskiopsis cuttings, rooted or not
    • Morning Glory seeds, preferably bulk
    • Palo Santo
    • A. accuminata seed
    • Henbane seed
    • Bulk Chai herbage
    • N. tobacum/rustica seed
    • Psychotria viridis cuttings
    • Rivea/Turbina corymbosa seed or cuttings