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  1. Hehe I've got the same plant as #1 from the same mother I would assume. Good to get an opinion on it.

    Beautiful plant, I'm looking forward to a flower to get a positive ID.

    Nice plants Interbeing... :)

    your right same mother

    thanks mate, you should come round with mu. some day and check out the rest :)

  2. Second one is certainly a pachanoi, albeit with slightly larger spines than I'm used to.

    defiantly thought it was a pachanoid of some sort, it's distinctly different to all my other pachs though, very dark green to almost blue coloring, spines on new growth are brown and has a lot more prominent v shaped notches above the areoles

  3. Throughout the last few years 11:11 (on digital clocks) has been appearing in pretty significant times in my life.

    After conversations with some friends about it some of them had already started experiencing some aspects of this phenomenon and one's that hadn't began to thereafter.

    I've found a ridiculous amount of info on the net on the topic, here's a link to one of my favorites


    So my question is how many of you have experienced this phenomenon? and what dose it if anything mean to you.

    Any insight appreciated.


  4. to my limited experience it is a rosei, however it is slightly different to the cuts of rosei i have as well, it guess it is some kind of peruvians. .

    IMO It's a rosei#2, keep in mind there are 2 distinctive variations of this clone plus variations due to growing environment, the cut I traded with you VS rosei#1 grows fatter with shorter spineation compared to rosei#2 that has those tough thick spines

  5. dunno if its been mentioned before, but Textures kick some serious fucking psychedelic ass!

    just found this thread, its so good to see metal lovers are strong in the plant community :P

    TEXTURES are by far my favorite new metal band i've come across in the last few years

    teck riffage but they still have that melotic side, brutal vocals with one of the most amazing clean voices i've ever heard very

    unique amazing band check em out