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  1. hey nice lot of cacti there interbeing..... Tephrocactus papracanthus in the righthand corner ?


    Yeah mate spot on, absolutely love em, tried to move it the other day and snapped the new pup of it:BANGHEAD2:

  2. interbeing - that is really awesome man :) did you use a salvaged door from the tip or something for the entrance? oh and what type of plastic did you use and how is it affixed? I am guessing perhaps with staples?...

    I really have to make mine nice and permenant here... also has to with stand high winds.


    Thanks heaps, the door is just a pine frame, the plastic is similar to this stuff My link

    and it was fixed with some gang nails.

    The wind is hectic around my area too so I just braced it to the fence just in case.

    Here's a pic inside



  3. It's not much but it does the job and cost next to nothing to build, most of the wood was from building sites and the plastic was donated by a friend.

    Just wish I'd made it bigger:BANGHEAD2:post-5030-127943571531_thumb.jpg




  4. damn, two died? that sucks man :( but still good that the 6 survived...

    Let me get to next seasons batch and maybe I will send ya two at reduced prices or something..

    You will have to remind me though lol cause I definately won't remember unless you do.

    why did they die?

    and yes pics would be good :)


    Not sure exactly what killed them, it was in the first 2-3 weeks of getting them so might have just been shock.

    Thanks for the offer, appreciate it :rolleyes:

  5. A friend gave me "Journey of Souls" a few years ago and it blew me away, had the same feeling that I've been to this place that was being described throughout the book, and reading about it just reminded me to a certain extent.

    One of the things I enjoyed most was that Michael Newton is a real skeptic on the subject and therefor very probing with his questioning, but at some points he was blocked and told that they can not answer.

    Very interesting and insightful book, there is also a follow up book called Destiny of Souls