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  1. Squint your eyes to see clearly. Blur reality to make

    it real

    Let focus go from your deceiving eyes to know what's

    been concealed

    We've all been blinded - Subjects to visual


    A systematic denial of the crystalline

    To see the fine grain, to read the hidden words

    The context of parallel truth - Devoid of


    Our light-induced image of truth - Filtered blank of

    its substance

    As our eyes won't adhere to intuitive lines

    Everything examined, Separated, one thing at a time

    The harder we stare the more complete the

    disintegration. -Dissolution

    Eyes re-opened, Reasoning focalized, Receptors


    Perspectives distorted

    The ladder beyond our grasp

    The twin-headed serpent forever hidden

    Where's the true knowledge -

    Where engines of the sane & insanity merge

    The clarity. The unity

    Reality untouchable, transparent, invisible

    to our fixed, restricted fields of vision

    Existence taken for granted. -Absolute

    Possessed, owned, controlled

    By the common sense-infected rational gaze

    Onward forever we walk among the ignorant

    Never stray from the common lines

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  2. That sucks mate, hope they pull through ok for ya

    The tallest of the heard are a couple of psychos and a pachanoi that stand at about 3m, so they should be ok for a little longer plus they're along the fence line witch blocks the wind a bit, but I will keep an eye on them though, cheers.

    I'm always worried when I visit places like Dawsons farm, standing under huge ass plants that weigh tons is a bit nerve racking.

  3. That terminating terscheckii is interesting. I wonder it if it will periodically terminate?

    Love to poco too! Don't see too many of them around.


    There was no sign of insect damage or infection so a bit odd, fingers crossed it carries on.

    Was lucky enough to get a cut from fieldsworship.gif definitely going in the ground come spring

  4. That terscheckii seems like it's really lacking spines. Are you sure it's a terscheckii?


    Didn't have any idea what this plant was till a while back so got an identification from MSS on the nook

    is that the same genetics as the terscheckii that PD uses in his crosses?


    Nah mate different plant, but hopefully come summer I'll get something interesting crossed with this one too