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  1. Rock1084, i do the colonising of cardboard inside the house, to remind me to check them every few days to see that the cardboard is moist. i do this duing the winter season when the myc is available. this season i have layers of wet cardboard sitting in an open glass dish. the layers of wet cardboard are between a folded piece of cardboard on the outside that dries out before the inner layers do. i periodically pour some collected rainwater on the inner and outer cardboard to keep it all moist. my outer cardboard has some spots of mould or something on it now so i'm gonna get rid of it and start making the "lasagne" that myco mentioned in OP and will do that inside a plastic container. i hope to transfer the lasgne to prepared beds in early spring / september, or by october (ive read on the forums that people reckon myc grows well in spring) then i guess it's a matter of keeping it moist throughout the year and see how you go by the following winter.
  2. question for myco: when you eventually prepare the garden bed for your cardboard and woodchip lasagne, i notice you say to lay down cardboard in the bed, then put pieces of your lasagne down, then cover it with woodchips. Is this mostly about keeping out grass from underneath? why not have a layer of woodchips in contact with the soil and then put down the pieces of "lasagne" on this ground layer and then cover with more woodchips? what is the thinking about putting down a layer of cardboard and then the pieces of "lasagne"?
  3. wassonova

    King Stropharia fruiting in spring

    ive never read much on king stropharia shrooms, other than seeing them named. Are they some giant form of stropharia cubensis?
  4. wassonova

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    ive spent the last three or four days gardening (for work) and listening to Terence McKenna podcasts from recordings made of him in 1994. these podcasts are available on the "Psychedelic Salon" podcast. Ive listened for hours as Terence discussed all manner of things relating to psilocybin and intelligence, conciousness, extraterrestrialism, biology, physics, mathematics, world history, digital technology... and the character of the psilocybin entity itself. it was still a massive surprise though to pull up at a lunch bar in an industrial area of suburban perth today, buy some rubbish from the baine marie and then sit back in the work car only to then notice a paperbark tree on the front lawn of a business that looked to have some pinky/orangey brown growths coming from it that i thought warranted further investigation - i found several clumps of massive purps, with bigger fruiting bodies than ive ever seen. there were young ones, middle sized ones and monsters. after hearing McKenna's thoughts on an entity, an intelligence, that is psilocybin and how it is happy to communicate with you if you only ask... this discovery was freakin hilarious and strange and surprising and not surprising and still surprising have a look at these.
  5. wassonova

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    third photo is the freakin' business. theyre so gregarious!! (which hasn't really been my experience to date.)
  6. wassonova

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    holy sheet Sideways. i thought i'd hit the jackpot today (and i kinda did in a different way to your pictures above) but your photos here are freakin' amazing. i've never seen that many going off together like that. and all the coloured dots on them! ive spent the last month or two scouting the odd local banksia and paperbark forests and only come up with a few little specimens but what youve found here is freakin rad. watch my next post in this thread. PS i just tried to post my next message with photos but i'm in a hurry and notice my photo size is too large so once ive sorted that i'll post piccies; but may be a few days
  7. wassonova

    ID confirmation - subaeruginosa?

    they definitely look like P.sub. to me. dunno about 3rd picture, too blurry. take another walk to your friend's farm and take a piccy of the patch for us. i wish i had a friend with a farm...
  8. wassonova

    WA Gyms, tis the season

    couple o' big ones i saw the other day:
  9. wassonova

    Perth glows in the dark: Omphalotus Olearius

    here's a couple of pics of what i thought might be an omphalotus species... in the last photo, you can see a smaller mushroom at front right that looks more akin in colour and size to the specimens in Idiot's photos in the first post of this thread.
  10. wassonova

    Subs 2013

    Things I saw out walking. I walked in some places where these mushrooms were absolutely thick on the ground, I had to be careful where I walked to avoid squashing them underfoot. These are just a few photos... so pretty to look at, I love the colour of these mushrooms, the shape - sometimes so perfectly round or flying-saucer shaped, or nipple-shaped... i think of them as "the saucer people", which is just me amusing myself, hearing the words of Milhouse Van Houten talking with the Springfield kids in Bart's treehouse as they try and summarise the adult conspiracy they believe is occurring (with the x-files theme song in the background)
  11. wassonova

    Subs 2013

    This sign has been giving me a wry smile for a few weeks.
  12. wassonova

    Perth glows in the dark: Omphalotus Olearius

    Wow, Idiot, that is cool that you found a bioluminescent 'shroom! I thought I had found some too walking around in my local bushland a couple of days ago. I went back that night with my son (it was on Tuesday night, we went during half time of the Australia v. Jordan soccer match) and we took torches. I suggested we walk there in the dark but the young fella wanted to put his torch on. When we got to the spot where there were about 8 clumps of 'shrooms each with three or four mushrooms in them, we got our torches and shone them on the cap of one specific mushroom - the thinking being that we would charge up the mushroom's luminescent properties much like we do as kids charging up a glow-in-the-dark watchface, or star stickers or any other glow in the dark thing.... when we turned the torches off we couldn't really discern that the mushroom was glowing, much to my disappointment. then we tried shining the torches at the underside of the mushroom, on the gills. again, there was no discernable glow. we tried another mushroom. same thing. we left all the mushrooms in the ground and went home and ate soup. i was a bit disappointed but you have restored my faith, my hope! good to hear you can find them in Perth and I am still determined to see one. maybe i should try again without a torch? the ones i found that i suspected were omphalotus were quite a bit bigger/older than the specimens in your photo. i have photos and will endeavour to post when i can. Perhaps the species you found is actually omphalotus nidiformis. I only say this because in a recent Climate Watch e-newsletter I received (citizen science, yeah!), in addition to them requesting info from citizen scientists on the flowering of marri trees, you can also report your sightings of oblong turtles and Ghost Fungus (O. nidiformis, according to them), amongst other things. here is the link to reporting your sighting of your bioluminescent fungii http://www.climatewatch.org.au/species/plants/ghost-fungus?utm_source=ClimateWatch&utm_campaign=7700df2442-CW_May_2012_WA5_17_2012&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fbbc1468e0-7700df2442-410784409 I encourage you to let them (whoever they are, exactly) know! I renew my search. Nice one Idiot, thanks for the report.
  13. wassonova

    Holy Mountains Egg Carton Tek

    HM, how's the egg carton tek from last year looking now, some nearly 12 months on and with the season upon us?
  14. wassonova

    Subs 2013

  15. wassonova

    morel season

    PD, did you take any photos of your morels? Love to see a pic of a little bunch of them.