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    Nice pics Zelly. The flowers look great! It looks like a flower within a flower very nice. Where did you get all these from? did you grow them from seed? They are all big too how old are they?
  2. sharxx101

    Removable greenhouse project

    Great collection and pictures. It will be good to see the greenhouse when its completed.
  3. sharxx101

    Tricho hybrids on SwapNsell

    Nice cuttings Passive!!!
  4. sharxx101

    100 posts completed, now for the giveaway

    I need to post more would love a loph. Congrats on your 100th post
  5. I was just wondering what is peoples favirote bridgesii.
  6. sharxx101

    The case of the missing Loph...

    You can get wire domes from a hardware store that will protect your valueable cacti that have no spines. Birds are usually the problem, they will eat anything that doesn't have spines. If you get a big raven it will easily take a large loph and eat it somewhere where it is safe form human intervention. Once birds have started eyeing off your collection they will try take them one by one. Protect you cacti against birds! I have a friend that told me that rats will also eat lophs.
  7. sharxx101

    T.Preuvianus & T.Bridgesii Hybrid

    Edit: I was miss informed not bridge cross peruvianus. My 2 smaller cuttings seem to be T.kathinanus if thats how you spell it, shruman picked this out and I took them to the botanical gardens and this was confirmed by the proper experts at the BG. My friend told me that they came off the same plant he was wrong.
  8. sharxx101

    Muscimol warning

    I have had some friends get some of these mushies and they ate them fresh and chucked. They felt shit for that whole night. I have never heard of the spoon technique I will have to let them know but I dont think they are game. I have read that you can soak them in water for 1 hour (fresh mushies) then drink the water and have a great experiance. I have other friends that smoke them and they told me it is good but you have to smoke heaps and get a real mild effect of sedation. What is the best way to prepare the lady muscarias. They have to be special they are in the Mario bros and all the fairly tales. King of the shrooms the Fly argic
  9. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii whats your favirote

    Sounds like a bridgesii hybrid. Cool stuff, post a pic if you can I wanna see too.
  10. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii whats your favirote

    I have 2 of the monstrose kind one has little pups while the other has big pups Im not sure why. My favirote would have to be Elieen she is one sexy lady!
  11. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii whats your favirote

    No problem thanks for the advise I have edited my original post
  12. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii whats your favirote

    Well there is no harm in asking and if people dont wanna tell me thats fine. I didnt realise that everyone is so taboo on the topic. I think it will just be down to opinion, It was worth asking anyways it is a forum.
  13. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii Hybrids wanted buy or trade

    I would like any T.Bridgesii , T.pachanoi and perunvianus clones and/or hybrids. I wanna get some newbies for my collection. I would prefer Cutting/pups instead of seedlings. Please send me photos when you PM me thanks
  14. Hi everyone I am add new additions to my collection for spring and I would like to get some T.Bridgesii hybrids and Pedro hybrids. Does anyone have some that they would like to sell/trade to me? Please PM me if you can help. No seeds just cuttings please. I currently have T.bridgemonstrose+ T.Bridgesii and elaine
  15. sharxx101

    The Big 1000th post Giveaway

    I need to post more. Good work some generious people on this forum.
  16. sharxx101

    T.Bridgesii wanted

    Hi everyone I am add new additions to my collection for spring and I would like to get some T.Bridgesii hybrids. Done anyone have some that they would like to sell to me? Please PM me if you can help. No seeds just cuttings please. I currently have T.bridgemonstrose+ T.Bridgesii and elaine
  17. sharxx101

    Grafting with superglue

    I have seen this method done on you tube. I dont like what is in superglue not good for the plant or for the person that may choose to consume it one day. Not recommended in my book. I have heard of people sniffing superglue but not eating it. I wonder if it effects the plants chemisty in any way?
  18. sharxx101


    I just got one on the weekend Teotz mine is Turinicarpus Schmiedickeanus very small and slow growing but a awesome cactus. The guy that sold it to me didnt really want to part with it, but he knows its in good hands with me!
  19. sharxx101

    T.Preuvianus & T.Bridgesii Hybrid

    Please post the pic Teotz. I want everyone to check them out. I am sure they are a hybrid of the two! Super peruv & bridgesii
  20. sharxx101


    Doesn't look to inviting! Maybe vampires would like these mushrooms
  21. sharxx101

    Freshly cut cacti and heavy rain

    When I take cuttings I put them straight into a bucket that has perlite in it and them leave them in my wardrobe. They seem to do really well when this is done. I have taken cuttings in winter and left them in the cubboard for a month or 2 and they heal up nicely, this also helps them to root quickly. Dont stress to much they will be fine. Perlite is good give it a try it will keep the cut end from rotting and stop bacterial infections.
  22. sharxx101

    Toxic cactus fruit?

    I have eaten may different cacti fruit on many different occasions and never got sick. I have one cactus that fruits all year round and are small fruit that look the same as loph's fruit they are a little bitter but are suppose to have lots of vitamin C, well thats what I was told any way. I aslo eat prickly pear and dragon fruit and the apple cactus fruit they are all really nice. I know that all of these fruits are fine to consume and are expensive to buy. There are some web site that state all the cacti that are fruit bearers that are know to be ok for consumption.
  23. sharxx101

    Neglected cactus garden (PICTURE HEAVY)

    I wanna get all these strains/ hybrids of the bridgesii. Very nice collection!!! What is the differnce in the strains? I want to start add these babies to my collection!!!
  24. sharxx101

    T.Preuvianus & T.Bridgesii Hybrid

    Cool pic Teotz, mine look different to your one as it looks just like preuv with hudge spikes that is blue but not true blue. My preuv has little spikes just like the pedro. I will be happy to email you a pic Ace so you can get your cactus porn!
  25. sharxx101

    Verigated Loph Pics

    Cool pics!!! Well I read on this forum that the original loph's were white. We all have weird family and its no different for the loph's. They are a awesome cactus in any colour!!!