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    Help save my Mimosa

    i found them quite easy to grow, till winter. Remember to give them well drained soil or they may rot and keep it damp, not soaked, wich will happen if you have realy free draining soil and water her regularly. Good potting mix shouldnt need fert me thinks. Keeping it simple is your best bet. The more you do to fix her, the harder it can be to track down what went wrong if that should happen ;) that lil sucker looks pretty good to me. I'm just worried you may OVER lover her
  2. ubza_1234

    Happy Birthday Etherealdrifter

    what? Why didnt i know it was your birthday dude? Ppffft... Anyway, have a happy birthday full of love my big smiley friend :D cheers!
  3. ubza_1234

    Coleus blumei

    i dont supose anyone has tried something silly like smoking/consuming a good amount of seeds???
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    latest pipe (image heavy)

    i forgot to mention, the other advantage with the cooling plates is you can romove them and scub them should you wish. The stem hole and the hole from the cooling pipes to the bowl are all strait lines so a pipe cleaner can be easily used
  5. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Spring!!!!!

    amz, theresalways too much food! I'm glad and all, but dont go too overboard ;) ps not only is there heaps of food, but its all amazing! Omg amz, those olives! If your a noob woried about, what am i gonna do when i get there? What if i dont know what these seasoned peeps are on about? (like i was) just come for a feed!!! Lol nom nom nom nom..
  6. ubza_1234

    Growing plants in sawdust

    holy moley! 8O
  7. ubza_1234

    Growing plants in sawdust

    i kinda realy like the idea of inoculating it with some type of eidable mushroom XP
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    Yue Minjun

  9. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Spring!!!!!

    mine were dying for a while. Then i said f it and just left it in the top shelf of my green house over winter no water, nothing. Now its come good :D any day is a good day ma man!
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    couldn't help my self ^_^

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    i was just thinking that 7baz
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    cb radios for rainbow serpent

    today tickets to Rainbow went on sale and i got mine! Woohoo! Anyway, i had this idea that because rainbow is so massive and its so unbelievably easy to loose your friends and not see them till you head back to camp, i decided to get some lil hand held CB radios. So next time we get lost i just get on the walkie talkie and decide apon a location to arrive at. the other advantage is last year, there were some members from interstate who wanted to meet up at rainbow but when i got there i soon realised, there is no way to do this because of the sheer size of the camp site and festival lol so ya, closer to the date i will find out what channels are allowed to be used for just chatting and that and some call signs ;) (as i know nothing about CB radios) mine cost me $150 for 2 rechargable hand held CB radios with a range of 7km from autobauhn. The rechargable battery can also be replaced with 4 AAA batteries if i have no way to charge them. (i have a small inverter in my car that can power the charger tho) dick smith sold a similar unit aswell but with i think a 5-6km range and was uniden brand but for $100. Looking back, i should have gone for them. Oh well. There were some cheapies from jaycar i looked at that used AAA batteries with a 3km range for $20 each but for the extra $$$ i get a charging station, rechargable batteries and over double the range but the options there. I think it would be amazing to, while waiting in the huge line of cars or if i get bored on the first day after setting up, i can see if i can find other SAB members! Cool! So anyway, i know i may be posting this well early, but i just got so excited! :D
  15. ubza_1234

    cb radios for rainbow serpent

    it says up to 7km on absolute perfect conditions. E.g full battery, no forms of interferience, nothing in the way like trees, mountains, cars etc so if i get 3-4km at a festival as vast and populated as rainbow, i'd be happy
  16. ubza_1234

    cb radios for rainbow serpent

    mindexpansion: gold XP hope to see you there! Squaaaarrrrk!
  17. hahaha speak of the devil, i missed the time, but i think it was channel 9 are having a news article thing on exactly this topic. They said something like: "no pins, no signatures. How safe is your money?" as images of visa wavepay, mastercard paypass and various other money cards flash across the screen bahahaha. I better watch it..
  18. ubza_1234

    cb radios for rainbow serpent

    sweet :D so maybe say, channel 11 can be SAB's cb channel :D and i'm rfealy not concerned if anyone from rainbow hears what i say on the cb. Any other festival yes, but not rainbow ;) edit i dont believe that if anyone else meets me and my friends at a location at the festival, that that person will be.. Undesirable. One of the things that make rainbow so attractive to me :D
  19. ubza_1234

    Netbooks (Mini Laptops)

    if you want something good and cheap, try looking into refurbished computers. I picked up an acer 2GHz dual core something with 2GB of ram, 250GB hdd for $300. I know your down for specs and that but if you look into it, you will see how cheap they are. when it comes to bang for your buck you cant go wrong and when at the time, a good netbook was the same price. (roughly 6-9 months ago?) my 2c ;)
  20. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Winter!

    phil phil phil phil... Those pod casts.. I'm about 2 in and already blow away. I understand the experiences you want to experience. Dude is pretty clever. Wow thanks alot for them! One down, only a bagillion to go.. Hahahaha
  21. what about touch and go? :S i just put my card onto the lil touch and go part of the card reader and a few seconds later it says aproved :S crazy no pins, no sigs, not even swiping!
  22. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Winter!

    omg.. The food is reason enough to go! Let alone the people! Thanks for all who made this meet what it was. Thanks amazon for without fail bringing some amazing grub ;)
  23. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Winter!

    velvet: bring your frind! XP
  24. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Winter!

    come on days... Stop crawlin by...