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    Police warn festival-goers over drugs

    wasn't a bad festival and I didn't see a single cop the whole way home, mind you, I left sunday morning and most people couldn't leave sunday afternoon/night if the wanted to because of the complete lack of organization with parking and tent sites. Most of the cars were completely and utterly boxed in by tents and cars so most left on the monday from what my mates told me.
  2. ubza_1234

    Coleus blumei

    surely there is a suitable solvent to extract it with? Be alot easier to start with a crude extract then plant matter. I dare say dry acetone would be a good starting point. this extract would be, thoroughly filtered, completely dried, powdered, and the powder dissolved in hot water. The solution would be placed in the fridge. anything insoluble in water should settle, because it would either percip out, or would not dissolve in the first place. This could simply be filtered with ultra fine filter. In theory
  3. ubza_1234

    audio recording computer

    Ok, so I'm going to get into recording. Really really entry level stuff but what I'm concerned about, and posting here for, is to know what hardware I will need, other then mic's and mixers and all that. What speeds, ram, sound cards etc at this stage I'm not sure if I want to upgrade my current computer or just build one from scratch, it depends on what I need to get started. I have tried recording with the built in sound card. I have the drum beat down and hit record. As it records, it plays the drum beat thru my head phones. But the recording is faster then the drum beat! I have been told this is due to latency issues :S also, if the sounds are amplified when there is no sound playin, this wierd ticking, buzzing sound plays. When I record, this sound is recorded very loudly and I must use noise cancelling filters to remove them, which alters the recorded sound it has nothing to do with my input device, as this sound plays no matter if there is an input plugged in or not. there is also no 50hz hum, my cables are good. So I want to get into this recording game, but what do I need to get started? I don't want to spend too much, and am planning to get some better equipment, should I get into it more in the future but for now,
  4. ubza_1234

    audio recording computer

    ya gold! That's pretty much exactly what I was after! Perfect advice! So basicly all I need is a good recording interface and that should fix all my problems! Yay!!!!! :D now all I need to do is save save save.. Do you think this is something I really need to buy new or is it something that I can buy second hand? I understand somethings can be damaged easily and sometimes you really should just buy something like this new. But they seem quite strong so what do you guys think?
  5. ubza_1234

    Post -EGA MRBG meet

    sounds good :D
  6. ubza_1234

    Coleus blumei

    no sorry I have no photo, but it was a long time ago. Thanks anyway mutant for attempting to send them out. I appreciate it...did received them the other day, said quarantine picked them up :S
  7. ubza_1234

    Coleus blumei

    I haven't got mine either, dam customs!
  8. ubza_1234

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    rats and mice have been immune to warfrin for literally decades. The only reason the still sell it is cause ppl keep buying it...did same goes for ant rid. tom cat is a good brand of rat bait, especially the red one.
  9. ubza_1234

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    also a lot of systemic insecticides are pretty old, more toxic or bioacumulative then non systemic chemicals. if your planning to consume any of the part of the plant, be sure to research the chemical's half life before munching on it. They're MENT to BE safe, but best to be safe then sorry. Being in the industry, I know how dodgy pretty much all these chemical companies are, specially bayer and basf, while dupont seems to be the most open and trust worthy. Anyway, better stop ranting lol
  10. ubza_1234

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    I got a possum problem. The bastards bit my loph, (without removing flesh) bit the flower from it that was just about to fruit, took a chunk outa my san pedro and ripped some of my kanna out of the pots they were in. I moved the pots so they are kinda safe now, and I know that there animals doing their thing and they don't know any better, but I still sure hate those bloody animals...
  11. hey guys! i always wanted to go to EGA, but i never have the time, mainly due to work commitments. but i believe in EGA as a positive thing for all the comunity, so i want to part with this creation of mine to support it. this will be an auction. let me explain my pipe: so this is it. she is made from black wood acaia, gum tree burl (collected by me), paper bark wood (from my back yard, cut down by me and cured by me), some type of gum tree (red gum maybe? collected from someones fire wood pile), and aluminium. its also got a stainless steel mesh. the stem is made from the mystery fire wood and acaia and the base is made from paper bark. you can see the beautiful burls. the grain swirls in all directions and imo, one of the trippiest patterns in nature. the burl on the top was actually pulled from the tree and it was that shape, like a tallon. the bark was removed and it was polished and that all. the tree was not harmed from the harvest of these burls. (trees survive huge branchs falling and breaking and the wound from the removal of this burl was smaller then a 20c piece) this image is to showcase the beautiful paperbark wood i used. there are deep burgundy's, golden tones, pink flecks and even greys. all natural colours of this type of wood. i realy enjoy working with this wonderful wood. also you can see the beautiful rippling in the stem wood. it's kinda cute. now for what realy makes this pipe special for me. here you can see the bowl. on top of the pipe you can i have designed to drop your herb onto the aluminium plate, open the lid, and sweep the herb into the bowl. just a lil easier way of doin it. the lid has a magnetic clasp. when the lid is shut, the magnet holds the lid shut from little bumps and that. as well as that, the smoke actually travels underneath the aluminium plate. under the plate is a long "S" shaped channel that the smoke travels through. aluminium was chosen because it is one of the best metals for conducting of heat, so as the smoke travels thru, it sucks out the heat and cools the smoke. finally, by removing the screws on the front, it makes it fully cleanable. you simply remove the plate and you can scrub it clean. top view of the pipe. i'm gonna miss you lil pipe!!! my lil mark for who ever owns it. it's an original, one of a kind. it has never been used because i planed to one day sell them to someone who will realy appreciate it. this pipe didnt take too long to make, only around 6 weeks or so. all the wood (exept the acaia) has been wild wood at some stage. the mystery wood was fire wood i... kinda found... in someones back yard (no, i didnt steal it, of course not lol) and as i mentioned before, the paper bark was from my own paper bark tree and cut down by me. the burls were also collected to by me. the black wood acaia was given to me by a family friend. so now you know everything about this lil fella. i realy am reluctant to give this away, but it's going to a good cause. so far i have personally been offered $400 so far for this, but it was from a guy who i know wont apreciate the work and thought put into it and also wouldnt take care of it the way i would like. as i mentioned, this is going to be an auction. i dont know if this has been done before but the way i want it to do it is for you to post your bid here and then up the previous bid. i think it will be best to keep the comments and that to a minimum so others (and myself) can track the current bid easily without cluttering up the screen with long comments you know? Please get onto this guys cause its realy gonna help out a great organisation and meeting! :D so i guess should start the bids. STARTING BID: $100
  12. ubza_1234

    hand made pipe auction for EGA (image heavy)

    lil disappointed in the support for this both in regards to my creation and ega
  13. ubza_1234

    my deep thoughts for tonight

    no, ma ti is!
  14. ubza_1234

    my deep thoughts for tonight

    I have a thought for you baz, have you seen bruce almighty? (hilarious) basically bruce becomes god and at one stage he begins hearing every prayer anyone is saying at that moment. He cant deal with it and doesn't know what to do and wants it to go away. I feel the same way on too many mushies when my thoughts start to loop. Mushies are also used to speak with the spirit world. Imo, the spirit world would be exactly were god would kick it. Is this a taste of what its like to be a god?
  15. ubza_1234

    Mushroom suit that fights pollution.

    I should grow some shooms on my driveway
  16. ubza_1234

    hand made pipe auction for EGA (image heavy)

    Oh something else important is i better put an end date. BIDDING ENDS: 11/11/11
  17. ubza_1234

    hand made pipe auction for EGA (image heavy)

    No pet name sorry. Usually i do give it one but i forgot with this one. If it helps, it was mainly designed for changa although would be good for most things. (what ever that stuff is) Yes, you open the lid, light your herb, draw, when your done close the lid to extinguish the herb.
  18. ubza_1234

    nextbook android tablet

    Www.reboot-it.com.au my phone is being dumb and not letting me link it right or edit my post :S
  19. ubza_1234

    nextbook android tablet

    If you go down the laptop route, i'd look into refurbished laptops from a store front in your area. Store front because you can get any problems sorted strait away. (my power supply shat itself after a few months and they just swapped it over no problems.) you can sick up a decent laptop for about $250 with all the usb driver you want lol plus it's recycling just to give you an idea on the price, here's the store i deal with, but of course being a victorian store, just a lil far for you
  20. i'm so glad to finnally get this one done and finished. there are of course a few lil things i would have liked to do, but when it was over 4 months in the making, (mainly cause i got sick of working on it) i can settle. i think it turned out great! when get around to selling this, it definitely wont be cheap. ok here it goes... so here is the pipe. the main bulk of it is Acacia melanoxylon. the stem i'm not totally sure what type of wood it was from, because they were both originally going to be fire wood. i "think" one is red gum but i realy dont know. i have a feeling they are both gums. the darker wood was from my own back yard, the other was.. kinda.. stolen from a clients pile of fire wood. i'm sure if the client saw what i did with it, they wouldnt mind. also, one of the metal cooling plates are visable. she is a changa pipe, what ever that is XP here is a close up of one of the cooling plates. how does it work? underneath is a little tunnel that the smoke travels through. as it passes thru, it moves against the plate. the plate absorbs the heat to give a very cool smoke. it also adds a restriction to intake. this reduces the chance of coughing and gives the lungs a chance to adapt to the harsh smoke. engraved is a quote from our buddy terry ;) if it wast for these lil bastards, i would have finished this in under a month! :S shown here is the bowl lid, the bowl lid clasp and the storage lid. the brass clasp hold the bowl lid shut and the bowl lid holds the storage lid shut, because, why would you want to open the storage container without opening the bowl? the whole thing locks down tight so there is no accidental spills in transport. two burls are shown here as handles. the storage lid, when unlocked, pulls strait out while the bowl lid rotates, as shown in the next pic.. here you can see the open bowl and the storage lid. inside is a scoop to carefully eyeball what your putting into the bowl. seen also is the custom, large stainless steel mesh screen. (from a seive! XP) next, i showcase the stem. oooo... shiny.. a close up on one of the burls. shame my camera phone doesnt focus right here is a lil lump, what could it be? can you guess children? it's a lil stoker! with suck a large bowl, a stoker is a must because more often then not, it does not all burn evenly, even if you are quite careful with your lighting technique. so when you think its all up, give her one more stir and have another toke to be sure your not wasting any ;) it's quite hard to see, but the wood used is actually a burl too, with it's trippy swirling grain. also, the centre of that end of it is brass, coated with copper tubing. the copper is more visable under the wood handle. and finally the second cooling plate. engraved is UBZA! the date it was finished, and the word, "ENJOY!" that's it! hope you liked it.
  21. ubza_1234

    latest pipe (image heavy)

    hey guys, i wanna finnally start selling them. anyone know any good auction sites? i wanna sell it, but am afraid of selling to to people who dont get the art side of their creation yo know? i mean, if all i wanted was money, i'd prob just slap it on ebay, but you know... anyway, any good auction sites?
  22. ubza_1234

    don't cha hate it when..

    dontcha hate it when you finish a job 3hrs early and have time for a good sleep? ... ... wait a sec.. NO, THATS AWESOME! XD
  23. ubza_1234

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Spring!!!!!

    not long now! :D
  24. ubza_1234

    Help save my Mimosa

    from what i understand, when it comes to plantations, they only harvest the HORIZONTAL roots and leave the TAP ROOT in tact. Of course this way, the plant will not die from harvest ;)