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  1. HiS

    sick lophophoras

    hallo all can anybody help to my lophophoras ? this year we have here realy heavy rains in october and november, thats why I'm take my cactae indoor in mid october (rain, 5-10°C at night, 10-25°C at day) indoor they are mostly on windowsill (south side) some under 100W CFL, they are in good ventilated area's, I dont feed or water 'em since I move 'em indoor can anybody tell my what's wrong with 'em ? what to do ? can I save 'em that brown spots apears when they were two weeks indoor, week or so later they start "crak"
  2. HiS

    M.hostilis seed giveaway

    soo, may i get some too ? pretty please......
  3. HiS

    some cactae

    hallo stil need new home for this two cut's anyone ?
  4. HiS

    some cactae

    hallo people have here two bridgesii x Juul's Giant cut's and two IcarosDNA cut's, they need new home. I'm sorry but cant send 'em outside EU (legal/security reason's)
  5. HiS

    Feast YOUR Eyes!!!

    that's garden of Eden
  6. HiS


    nice one
  7. HiS

    Psychoactive Animals!

    they used that toad's for something.....maybe intoxication, maybe some ritual's, who know...... what I know : my dog like to chew on Bufo Bufo and then act like crazy (not tried that by myself) here about salamander's (isnt they toxic too ?) : http://www.x-sandra.com/valencic/valencic/salamander.htm
  8. HiS

    Psychoactive Animals!

    B. marinus http://www.wayeb.org/download/theses/blainey_2005.pdf
  9. HiS


    hallo this is 3. hand info, so take it with grain of salt : Glaucium Flavum contain around 15 isochinolinic alcaloids (2,9-4%) half of that is glaucine (1.5-2%) + there is glauvine allokryptonine protopine sanguarin and toxic chelerytrine main alcaloid in roots is fumarin http://www.biotox.cz/enpsyro/pj3rglf.html
  10. hallo all few months ago I find this mysterious plant in pot I use to germinate some Ilex Vomitoria seeds. this plant dont look like vomitoria, IMHO, soo can this be some another Ilex ? any ideas ?