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  1. C_T

    EGA ticket for trade

    see my message Micromegas We can make this happen :D edit: you got until 11am 7th dec to inform entheogenesis of the new ticket holder name or its void. just a reminder.
  2. C_T

    EGA ticket for trade

  3. isp's can already see everything you do, the gov have been hacking and duplicating targetted computers since the 90's. all this new deal does is guarantee 2yrs worth of data. doesn't really change the fact they can bug your home while your out, monitor your car, your computer.
  4. this new thing is just about data retension, if you think your privacy has changed your in denial.
  5. after coming back from an ega i did this; it took to the stock and grew grew and grew it did, as it should but the final product was, not even final, but was quite an achevement! http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa263/cityturbo/06178855-DFE3-4D4D-A3B6-E2CA3E0E40EF-5145-000009219A591C6D.jpg
  6. i don't believe it, serious! i just don't believe the figures. So how many people are dying every year from obesity? millions? nothing compared to 80k... what i see in hospitals, in the general public, alcohol is nothing.
  7. youll find with producing 95% you dont really get heads and tails like a pot still
  8. then you should know changing heat once distillation starts, will affect the fractions. you'll get some surging. i just don't see any positive, you need to turn the tap on/off, you need to re-fill the vessel. its just not an automatic job. unless you know something i dont? and if you use my tips, re add 50/50 boiling water from the kettle, distil takes no time at all, i can get it happening in 8 minutes. edit: you can use my tips or ignore them, i don't see anyone else offering tips!!!
  9. just buy this; http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/repton/miscellaneous-goods/home-brew-still/1065951122 and put a bigger bottom on it. aight? you'll get 95% if you use ceramic packing in the column.
  10. C_T

    Stimulant ideas/discussion

    please elaborate how we can be freelance in the trade.
  11. problem with adjusting your heat element, is it may scorch the mash thats in direct contact to the element (even tho the entire liquid isnt that hot) to decrease pre-heating, boil your jug and put that hot water in with the mash, drastically cuts heat up times, and doesn't affect the mash.
  12. well, i like your project but your massively massively over complicating things. if you have the correct element for the volume (matched so it won't scorch the mash) then you don't really control its temp, its on or off... the temperature in the reflux distil head, is determined by the water rate. for an automatic setup, the water temp coming out is the important thing to monitor (and the actual head temp), as if its flow is slow and water is very very hot your still can malfunction and real liquids will spew out instead of your 96% ethanol (more like 95%) And you should never ever alter the heat of the mash, as it disrupts the quality of the end product. Once you turn it on, you do not adjust the heat until your finished, and turn it off.
  13. C_T

    Who's at EGA?

    ega live stream? cmon its 2014...
  14. C_T


    doesn't matter what you eat? are you completely bonkers? more like "you are what you eat", way more accurate than "don't matter what you eat your brain feeds itself" umm, sorry but it doesn't. you feed your brain with that you put in your mouth, and what you expose your sensors to (sight, smell, taste, touch)