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  1. Shroomey Goodness

    Got my Salvia plant!

    Um Oh Dear God.... that don't look good keep the RH up and fresh air and near a window and hope G/L
  2. Shroomey Goodness

    Macro zoom photography

    Great shots very nice
  3. Shroomey Goodness

    Have I been given awful advice?

    Thwy are an Gymnopilus very much like ive seen Tripsis post they stain purple which is a good sign of being a active but in saying that not really great one of the weakest up to 12gms = 2gm Cubie trip and taste is not great also
  4. Shroomey Goodness

    bronze casting / EGA fundraising

    Mushrooms for sure that would be awesome
  5. Shroomey Goodness

    Big boy Milky caps

    Wow nice finds there
  6. Shroomey Goodness

    A walk through my backyard

    awesome back yard i'll swap you, i sure the gnomes will enjoy
  7. Shroomey Goodness

    Enjoying Cebil

    Two Awesome teks thanks for the share
  8. Shroomey Goodness

    Spores For Trade

    Replied Bump
  9. Shroomey Goodness

    Spores For Trade

    Pm's replyed to
  10. Shroomey Goodness

    my new ethno garden

    wow thats a lot of cactus i love it i can picter what that will be like in tens years or some also nice home in the last pic
  11. Shroomey Goodness

    best supplemental light in greenhouse?

    wow sounds like you have a great setup any pics and things must be growing like mad having the heater also... what type of heater are you using gas or power ???
  12. Shroomey Goodness

    In need of print supplies

    Pm'ed also
  13. Shroomey Goodness

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Thanks for the share great pics nice spot as other have said keep us posted
  14. Shroomey Goodness

    Azure pron

    Wow shruman did'nt thnik they would do well in the frost some thing one should look into hmmm... very nice work
  15. Shroomey Goodness

    Spores For Trade

    All Gone thanks for looking