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  1. I'll bite, always keen for a meet
  2. herbologist

    Will Rekowski aka Gomaos has died.

    R.I.P big fella You will be missed My garden and I thank you for your generosity.
  3. herbologist

    QLD meet, get together!!

    Cheers everyone, fun as always. Great to meet some new faces 8) Thanks to Spacemonk for organising
  4. herbologist

    A plug for the SAB shop

    Great store, great plants Another great store Koda
  5. herbologist

    CSSQ 2011

    Thought I recognised your cactus. I was the guy that tripped over the box when you were picking up the ario Will put up a pic when I get my camera sorted, damn flat batteries.
  6. herbologist

    CSSQ 2011

    Was an awesome day, met up with a few fellow forum goers and grabbed some nice specimens. You have to be there early to grab the TBM's, got two nice ones today. Were you wearing a black and white beanie?
  7. herbologist

    Personal security on this website

    Keep it legal and you should have no issues
  8. herbologist

    where can i get mason jars in perth

  9. herbologist

    Uses for Solanum nigrum

    The ripe black berries can be used to make jam. Some links in this thread.... link
  10. herbologist

    Interesting find!

    Very nice. Hope it doesn't get seized on the way in, being made of wood and all.
  11. herbologist

    Boswellia and Commiphora seeds

    I have had seeds labeled as B.sacra seized before. Boswellia thurifera are allowed.
  12. hes mates with chiral so that makes him a dodgey cunt imo

  13. you plant slut you :) you got some many friends.

  14. herbologist

    The National Broadband network.

    Sorry if I'm missing your point ( I am quite drunk ) , but 200gig @ 400kbps for $60 a month ....(unlimited once I go over 200gig @ 200kbps ) is well worth my while. Get a better provider??