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  1. Garbage

    The Corroboree

    The way i figure it the Bogan are the decendants of the Transported who failed to interbreed with the Aboriginals,it was expected that a new and hardy race would emerge but when that did not happen the haughty were allowed to settle to increase the bloodlines and prevent physical and mental retardation. You may like to know that when we ship goods to Australia they are shipped as Asian,we laughed about this at work.
  2. Garbage

    The Corroboree

    I did not know about the Bogan. They must be poorly represented in Government as even references in song are censored. Here in 'And the band Played Waltzing Matilda' is the original version. 'When I was a young man I carried my pack And I lived the free life of the Bogan' It's a song that purposfully merges British and Australian accomplishments at Gallipolli. I work buddy tells me no more Visa will be issued to Poms,but his is still okay. So for us Poms it's,'No more waltzing Matilda for me.' Second from last line,'And their ghosts may be heard as you pass by that Billabong.',Australia's founders are the British,the Bogan. However the last lines indicates a question,'Who'll come-a-waltzing Matilda with me?' I suspect the Bogan will be waltzing with the Aborigine. That concludes my thoughts on Poms,Bogans,Aboriginals and new comers. [this line has been edited by admin. t] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Garbage

    Why you should NOT smoke Salvia divinorum!

    Is it a criminal offence in Mexico? The angry Salvia Spirit banned itself as a Narcotic with potential for abuse? Is it like Catholicism found it's way into the legislature of Word Government? Maybe it causes irrational behaviour?
  4. Garbage

    Climate Changed in Oz

    But they will be talking to Bunkum in Copenhagen,it must be slightly embarrasing for them. There will be Dupes,Crooks and maybe even a few words taken out of context to make a strawman out of their opponents. I think we are taxed enough already by low grade morons.
  5. Garbage

    The Corroboree

    They also have Thunderdome,lol.
  6. Garbage

    Walk Against Warming

    Will they be bussing in their opposition? Or you gotta pay to be the riff-raff depicted in the news? Either way the march will be stolen and strawmen broadcast.
  7. Garbage

    Major upgrade due

    Oh,i see. Someone hated,it happens.
  8. There is another approach that has not been mentioned. What if i were to present the theory of a theory tax? It follows these lines,I present my theory that a tax to pay for my theory could be invested in and subsidised via Taxation. I would go on that theoretically a theory that cannot be proven cannot be disproven. So far so good but i would need a hook so my theory would capture the imagination of those who i theorised were ripe for it. It would need to be a hook that involved everyone that could pay tax. In short it would need to be a vaguely plausible fear of something,and offer a solution-tax Fear of death,what if i theorised they would gladly pay a tax to live my theory if the theory tax can prevent death. That is who you have on the Climate Change bandwagon,those who feel everyone else should be taxed as the theory means they will be none the wiser and they would never guess or even have access to justice. Early adopters would be in on it and as such it would be a hereditary sinecure,those who were excluded from the loop would obviously be taxed as the dupes and this would pass from generation to generation and beyond. It would be,why is this so? The answer,it's just one of those things. They say there is no good or evil,but look up.
  9. Garbage

    Major upgrade due

    That would seem unlikely. Can we keep this Linear Mode?
  10. Garbage

    The Corroboree

    Boomerang? You would think the Olympics would have Hammer,Shotput,Discus,Javelin and Boomerang. I say Olympics,i don't mean Paralympics or Winter Olympics.
  11. It's true,stuck topics are never read.
  12. Garbage

    Major upgrade due

    These new colours are a bit anonymous. But look at my warn status,outstanding! Quite why i have attracted such hatred i do not know.
  13. Garbage

    Dead man took rat poison 'to get high'

    Years ago i worked alongside what could best be described as a Scottish Hobo,he said he was working to get money to go on more adventures. He had an account of taking Strychnine,but he was a drug abuser so his stories were probably nonsense. But who knows,maybe rat poison was THE party drug in the dismal Scotland of the 70's/80's.
  14. Garbage

    What do you make of these little Lophies?

    Maybe some do not know grafted plants are not favoured by serious collectors as they are always distortions of natural form?