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  1. pretty clear they dont exactly like and support demonic plants around here... :)

    I would love to be reading the info I am giving!

    probably some bad datura experience of everyone of the old sab crowd , typical with every early old hippy.

    I used to read datura reports in erowid and be amzed by the motive I saw in all experiences...

    amazing, just amazing

    how these medicinal plants

    got so involved in and around the evil the devil...

    and how idiots around the world were so eager to get stoned

    that they went through the datura delirium, sometimes is could go really bad...

    respect devil plants

    have to grow to understand....

    mandragora belladona hyoscyamus datura UTD

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  2. taratatzum-tzum tzum! I said this somewhere, here it comes, only here and now

    seed givaway (nitrogen original seed)

    PM me

    europe prefered, US too no problem and anywhere

    as sending to oz is both formally illegal and thus risky (could make and exception or two though)

    its so nice having been here all these years

    thank you all

    I should and will give away these seed as a last(?) thank you

    I havent decided the creterion to which I should send and why, so you could improvise... in yr PMz

    you could as well write or think: ".... you cunt, you received them as a freebie , gifted with them, as an actual cactus grower, and actually didn't do anything with them !!! ...." well, you're right, only got a couple smallie ones.... from mostly one strain....

    well thats why I am giving the rest of seed away, because this kind of seed should not be wasted on my hands and my lazy sowing style

    OK I got a rule (by which you write to me and I decide If you get seed ) :

    if there are 3 replies, and 1 is bold and enthousiastic and 2 are lukewarm

    the enthousiastic guy get all the seed... lukewarms get nuthing...

    people who are willing to further spread the seed / seedlings off it

    to other people

    will be definately prefered...

    extras like zelly's ariocarpus seed I never sowed and generic (?) lophophora seed should be expected for those who get the seed packs


    I know I am cunt

    cunt is a word... hippies

    real word / life warriors will never be afraid of words, because human life was and is still based on words...

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  3. DANG IT MUTANT... You make an enemy out of any one person most of the time you just make a fool out of yourself.


    I remember 2 'enemies' I made in the past in here ... one went on to be a moderator and then a thief

    and another, months after we had argued last time, telling me in a PM what great times it was , when we argued about this and that, and I completely felt the same way, while, at the point of the arguements, back then, hippies from left and right told us guys to calm down and .. not argue so loud... !

    its funny stupid hypocritic and essentially anti-psychedelic to reject certain manifestations of truth, expression

    especially in word form

    who is afraid of words?

    only those who are either afraid of them and/or those who cant use them competently enough

    but yeah boggie, I am all about making enemies w/anybody as you said, and fight with words, unlike you pussy hippies, that seem to not comprehend the full meaning and context of the word freedom, especially in the "BAD/TRASH" section of a forum

    PS#? watertrade pleas let this as well

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  4. oh you psychedelic dudes

    If I was able to post freely, instead of being actively censored, post by post (not being able to post without a mod approval and all)

    I would fuck you all and talk about the censorship of it all

    and , btw, fuck you all , well not all, but, I have to despise you all so as to look really cool and all.

    so fuck you

    I have been one the most honest members here motherfuckers,

    I would have at least appreciated this if I were in yr place..

    wut I get is that am a "great" guy because I am fascinated by some ethnoplants

    thus I was tolerated

    but I am clearly a bad guy, with bad manners, that you nevertheless would like to have

    because I am a plant guy

    well FUCK YOU

    but it dont hold a grudge: each one to his own

    PS: watertrade please allow this post ... since I post drunk (and these posts are rubbish) I cant really keep up with what I post

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  5. yeah but are you asking about outside conditions, both here and in the island I first got it?

    island is zone 9 or zone 10 I am in zone 8+ zone 9 or something

    modern shaman>

    I think officinarium has a different (reverse?) cycle than automnalis and I expect it grow better in colder zones

    shonman I hope you are not trying with the wrong species

    I already told about the periods that plant acts but here's it once again


    start to be active in september,, most roots, especially larger ones sprout in late september, rosetter grows and plant enjoys plenty of water during automn and winter.. early spring it flowers, then fruits if you have a couple, maybe re-rosettes a bit in early to mid spring then seems to wither, even though it can re-sprout with new rosette even in may.... from then on you should rest it ...

  6. watertrade>

    if I was truely being so abusive, why didnt you give anyone a chance to make a god damn dialogue... wtf?

    why didn't you give me a warning in public? where you afraid I was gonna tell you fuck you in yr face

    and you would loose your cool?

    In any case, you never moderated me this way, like you were trying to provoke this supposed "aggressive" personality.

    deleted my posts, PMing me they were inappropriate or rubbish

    you're just pussies

    how can someone be afraid of words? is this is mental clinic? is the bitches section a mental ward for people with problems?

    them please, can I post about my plants unmoderated, and be allowed to be both a drunk and a SAB member?

    and if things escalated you could slap me in the face, puplic

    antichrist knows I have asked sorry a couple of times, for bad behaviour

    but here watertrade, is saying I am using my agressive personality for bullying someone... (btw this someone is someone who was blaming the whole SAB for reasons I sure nobody fully understood)

    well agrressive personality, have you read my natal chart? why would I do this?


    subs responese did not seem insulted, rather pleased to be given attention and had racist reaction (successful troll is successful 0 to bad the post that made him reply this way was hidden) - but maybe he was just joking, right? ;)

  7. I remember when you put moderator a man that later proved a common thief

    we had several rounds of arguements with this dude before he was put a mod .... aaaaah, nice times!

    I didnt think he is a fraud and thief of course before, but clearly this dude was taking too much

    thieves and conmen aside

    I cant give a fuck for a moderator (watertrade) who gave me two warning signs for some fuck you's I told him through PM

    just cant

    so moderate as you please, but there's something missing here

    has there been a change?

    are you getting old T?

  8. maybe, but we cant tell, can we? the text I wrote is lost

    there's a whole fucking thread than went on , based around the word cunt

    I didnt see it be consored?

    besides, yeah, its OK to make Hitler jokes, and eugenics jokes, because we are so cool

    but some words are simply not ok

    well I dont see it this way, and besides watertrade I haven't seen such a strong moderation around here

  9. zelly, re>> lophos, I would say non caespitosas really like deep pots,

    so I would really recommend deep and narrow pots for the tap root of the real l. williamsi when seedling

    width is not really needed, but depth yeah, not unlike, say mandrake or other plants with fatty roots

    so like zelly said

    for a 5mm lopho you would like a 10-12 cm deep pot, with narrow margin

    and when it gets 2 cm, you put in in even deeper pot, narrow margin again.

    because for this cactus, its optimal for it to have the most depth to develop the carrot root

    same for other carrot root cacti

  10. depends on many parameters,

    mainly in what you're growing and its root habits

    but also the type of pot (clay, plastic, how many holes etc)

    most of all, it all has to do with growing style

    trial and error

    following the "rules" or not

    make your own style!

    some times it even has to do with whether you want the plant to get really big, or you want to control its girth and growth gradually

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  11. I dont know

    someone might say that a "TRASH" section in a forum could work as a trick for people to steam off.

    if this section is heavily moderated, then what should happen in the other sections?

    I really believe in the function of the trash section in a forum. Whatever the opinions are, it sure extends the freedom of expression, while protecting the easily offended and the prude from negative energy that would other wise express itself in the main forums.

    At the same time it allows for pushing the envelope outside the norm , and while it might seem ugly, evolution was never supposed to be a diplomat.

    I am very curious to hear yr opinions...

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  12. Well, I have been in here for some time... Some of you might always thought of me as inappropriate, but if you ask me, this forum is awesome in the function and structure because IME it has the most freedom of all forums I have been.. Freedom is vital in a forum....

    So wheareas I have been pretty naughty along the years, my behaviour was well tolerated, it seemed.

    I got 2 warning points some time ago , because of saying fuck off to watertrade via PM , and while he was deleting my posts, calling my drunk posts rubbish...

    now I am having a post deleted/hidden , one in bitches and degenerated , because I was calling sub a cunt

    now wtf, I dont remember a post hidden in bitches before...

    have you changed the rules or something?

    If you wanna tell me something, please do it in PM, this kind of moderation will not work for me these days...