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  1. mutant

    Cactus rescue and bunnings find

    oops that's an older post... did it make it? is it alive?
  2. mutant

    Cactus rescue and bunnings find

    Psyentist 1st one is trichocereus taquimbalensis var wilkae (the nicest form) and definately NOT a Stetsonia (just make sure its still alive!) 2nd one is probably trichocereus terscheckii ebene, I doubt the left one is t.peruvianus... its something else
  3. mutant

    "Spineless bridgesii"

    Very beautiful specimen, OP specimen... I see it as a hybrid scopulicola X knuthi... (scop being the mother) I really cant see any bridgesii in it, except the tip's glaucusness colour. Michaels pic is showing a pure scop showing some tuberculation because its dehydrated, they can do this.. but Ohlones/op's cactus doesn't seem to be unwatered, nor it seems to have lost the spines due to mechanical or other stress. Granted, I haven't grown my OZ knuthianus for long but it doesn't look like this one... I will be looking for falling spines from now on.. The specimen I am seeing here is different, its very boldly tubercled (something only seen in knuthi that intensely) and it seems to have spineless scop's areoles, that is tiny, submerged areoles.. Note that the combination of a phenotype with submerged areoles (spineless scop, common in oz) with a tubercled phenotype (knuthianus cuzcoids, regular in oz collections) COULD theoretically enhance the tubercled pattern, like in this special specimen... To sum up, this is AMAZING, and in my eyes NOT a regular knuthi! be sure to update with pics when it grows and even open up a new thread about it in the main cactus section...
  4. wow, thanks for sharing.. marking this to read later, as as not to forget... again, thanks for sharing new research
  5. neglected unferted pachanoi, likely a pc... lots of heat plus unwatered can cause this extreme yelowing too
  6. mutant

    Help with ID

    not a tricho, looks like a black spined cereus some other posted couple months ago... handsome!
  7. mutant

    Cacti ID

    Hmmmm I got a 3-4 year old pilo palmeri its much spinier , at least when young... At first thought cereus, but then again the hairs... for such a big specimen, doesn't it flower?
  8. mutant

    Eulychnia castane

    my crest eventually did the same thing: made 3 growing points, one is still crest though,....
  9. mutant

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Malverde >>> which country? Is it Isreal? I would love to trade some seeds from over there with some from my country, Greece if you like! shonman>> I dont know why you are asking if I am growing them well. Sure they get mealies and the leaves/rosette is stressed as some point (didn't use protection ), bit what is correctly? the roots are routinely uprooted and they always increase in size and the seed production was somewhat 3x this year that of the previous year so, if they roots are becoming bigger and the number of fruits and size of fruits increases and cuttings take then I guess I am doing okey growing them I guess we will see: I plan to uproot them today, will put up pics they say (growing mandrake) its difficult... well it might be difficult for colder places or southern hemisphere .. maybe people in colder climates should try with mandragora officinalis/officinarium but I cant help with this I think m.automnalis is pretty straight forward for my climate to grow...
  10. mutant

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    G.jumonius yeah, looks like that
  11. mutant

    awesome greek music

    well if you're some kind of punk/rock/hardcore fan, then you're lucky... ask me for some certain genere of music awesomely melodic modern oi punk song One of the best modern punk-rock bands, if not THE best , active from as old as 1990
  12. mutant

    awesome greek music

    More are awesome puck-rock 1993-1997 2 songs from arnakia (=sheep) first song = KILL THE COP YOU GOT INSIDE second song = YOU LIVE TO DIE ΕΚΤΟΣ ΕΛΕΓΧΟΥ (=OUT OF CONTROL)
  13. mutant

    awesome greek music

    While we are at it, here some awesome legend pop-rock shit . fuck the youth this is 35+ year olders wow I hadnt seen the clip of this!!! (some could hear some shit I have sampkled for my raps here yo)
  14. mutant

    awesome greek music

    hey, dont let my shit confuse ya I am an original , not a regular greek, not a regular sabber as well I am raving idiot , and that's something to be proud of! Okey I will say it: Australia is not a real country actually. its like USA without the prestige. greece is as old as india and peru .... so lets be proud for a random event
  15. mutant

    awesome greek music

    see, if you like this you might be considered a marxist communist for christs sake... dont let your folks catch you listen to this if they're right wing politics always politics well its easy to make a point for leftwing artists since there are not really right wing artists... no? love this sound, effected my perception of music love march and polkas
  16. mutant

    awesome greek music

    greeks are alright, as long they're not they regular greek idiots... greece having so many islands, and villages and being mountainous and all still reserves some "authenticity" OK I choose to see Greece as the place, the waters, soil, mountains, woods, flora and animals. thats greece. also greece is a place in the map... greek culture, now its another things and its funny/interesting/whatever that such a small country would have so many differences from town to town and island to island... I still dont see something to be proud of... OK greece is a cool country... feeling LUCKY, but not PROUD, to be here at this place, this time... lucky lucky sagi here a song legend composer sing 3 songs in a row
  17. mutant

    awesome greek music

    So you were born in greece? how old did you leave to oz? too many issues here to discuss... 1. I could never understand ethnic pride. why be proud about something that is totally random. I guess its easy to be proud of being greek if you only come here for holidays... 2. new arrivals (new immigrants) aint so strange to "hate" greece... I mean, their home-land more or less forced them to leave. Kicked them out... I could have left years ago. But I love it here. sea, mountains, perfect weather for gardening... Berlin is nice, but..... 3. I dont hate Greece, but I am not proud to be greek ... If something, a greek should be ashamed of the low-levels this ancient civilization has reached... So I dont hate greece, but I dont really "like" greeks.. would be nice to have a second homeland, and in a way , I consider Berlin,Germany it.. (have lived for couple months there) 4. what ever ones' say, immigrants are doomed to slowly loose their bonds with the homeland, especially if they dont visit at all. 1st generation immigrants are still 'greeks' that slowly hybridise, but greekness or whatever fades in second gen people.. Nationality is one of the most overrated things... Now culture is another thing. 5. Be proud of what you have archieved on your own! 6. I have a friend that moved to oz and is a new arrival. She was born in oz though and left when one, so she had the nationality. I think she is Melbourne .. her son is still here, but I think he will be going there sometime soon..
  18. mutant

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    the tuft, ringed one could be either Armillaria sp or Pholiota sp...maybe
  19. ^^^ should root easily since it was on a stock. could easily make two of them even ants have been stealing most of my seed last couple of years they take both the seed and fruit flesh that was not true for mandrake fruit though - they seemed totally indifferent to the seeds, but so inclined to the sweet flesh I haven't been picking my lopho seed either, maybe I am stupid or rather lazy Hmmmm liquid ant baits.... I wonder if that works... I have a huge problem with ants in my roof: nearly all pests are helped by them http://www.terro.com/ants-common-species interesting stuff... I wonder how many species I got around here.... At last 3-4 I would say...
  20. i suppose he will say its some kind of ferting ritual
  21. mutant

    awesome greek music

    oh really greek or a 2nd generation ozzie-greek hybrid? ever been in greece? "patrida einai ekei poy einai h kardia" (greeklish) it might be cool to claim you are greek when you are abroad but really only nationalists feel that "proud" way when living here... if you ask me, its good to be greek to come every few years for holidays and its even better to have a second nationality.. FUCK GREECE ;)
  22. of course I am.. I have been training this year to be so awesome and from time to time, drink up and be a dick or a cunt, this way they dont think you're a fucking hippy or a saint you can actually make people be afraid of what might come out of your mouth, if you're good enough..
  23. mutant

    Show off your freaks

    2 small echinopsis seynesii crests and azurocereus/plosocereus crest were cut and rooted by me. not fast like trichocereus, but pretty doable. actually the echinopsis , when I received it as a gift to some other order, there where two parts of it that should be buried, in order to pot it up. I refused to do this, I cut the 2 parts, let callous for some time, and rooted them and now I got 3 of them! another brand of echnopsis, crest and slightly variegata.. one would think so small cuttings (also done by me) would be impossible to root and rather wither and die... well, it seems not! (note this is after they have taken a bit, so they were pretty smaller when potted Nice shits from a columnar pachanoi monstrosa specimen (main column has terminated some time ago so all growth is boosted in those pups) [/url] Stenocereus marginatus crest, going normal... This is a very handsome specimen at this point, at least the left one... I have no big experience with crests that go normal.. Its usually suggested to cut them normal parts... Have people cut and rerooted the column parts, to perhaps see the column reverting some time afterwards? I remember cutting the first column off a pachanoi crest, but this clone (see above) pertains the monstrosity in column form, as it alternates between normal and monster appearance, or terminates at some point. But I have had this marginatus crest strain for less than a year so I dont really know whats the score. I could use some knowledge or opinions, as I have more than one paradigms I could use this on. I also bought an azureocereus/pilosocereus crest with a part normal growth, now cut this off and rooting.. Should be also interesting to help ID the species, if it doesn't go crest a lot with the real myrtillocactus geometrizans crest (melty type) the other blue crest supposed being myrti has also produced some thinny columns. I rooted that , it started pupping like crazy, but still no monstrosity. I cut the new little columns, for rooting , again... obviously I am hoping the culumns might revert to crest at some point...
  24. Philo> "melted wax" semi-monstrosa is a named clone deriving from US I think, erect, columnar and monster, sometimes terminates and does interesting shit. Reason I said yours doesn't look so much like it is that your seems to terminate more / show wilder monster traits.. Your specimen kind of looks like something between a clone-A penis TBM and "melted wax semimonstrosa" or it could be its something like a melted wax but growth was stunt for years due to clay pot and neglect.. I would like love to see how it evolves after you repot it a nice largish pot. here are my 4 initial TBCM's , one's freshly repotted and recentered... Have you noticed TBMCs have less of a up-down orientation compared to other crests/monsters? The phenotype it self sometime forcesd the plant to make pups that decicively go downwards here's the first specimen I propagated through rooting. It rooted pretty fast, cutting was off a graft though (I have noted that cuttings off grafts root faster , statistically, compared to those coming from own root specimens) and here are 4 so far penises coming from TBMCs ... The fat one is areole-less
  25. nah, I am more like a stoned and drunk hippy on low dose psychs and on speed . no single drug could describe me. and certainly no anesthetic... sagis-fire-multi-talented-mofos