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  1. Happy Birthday Gnome!!!

  2. Northern Gnome

    Interview of John Jay Harper

    I forgot about the news, weather and commercials..... and now he is extending the open line call ins by 30 minutes. I guess they are having trouble getting a hold of John Harper, I missed the first hour or so of the interview earlier tonight, which is being replayed soon, so I don't know for sure when he will start the interview with John now, but he was supposed to have started by now, according to the announcement that was made at the start of the show.
  3. Northern Gnome

    Interview of John Jay Harper

    John Jay Harper, author of the book Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is being interviewed on the CoasttoCoastAM.com radio talk show tonight. Listen live through: http://2005.kfi640.com/pages/streaming.html - The interview lasts 3 hours. The interview already happened but will repeat on the upcoming top of the hour. John is into the spice and talks about DMT a bit. Here is a link to John's web site: http://www.johnjayharper.com More on JJH here: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/experts13.html I bought his .pdf e-version of his Tranceformers book online for ten dollars a few months ago, worth the read!
  4. Northern Gnome

    Are we capable of creation ?

    Yes, complete sense. Also, each choice we make in our lives creates a new path for ourselves.
  5. Northern Gnome

    Are we capable of creation ?

    Very good stuff, and that long hair antenna thing, I'm doomed! balding and short hair for what is left, does my long beard help? I've been wondering about that possibility for awhile now. I don't hear voices, but I think things which seem to be far beyond my individual realm of experience to come up with.
  6. Northern Gnome

    Some thoughts on Star Wars

    Edit: Removed, off topic. Moved.
  7. Northern Gnome

    I want to come back

    Im not sure what DMT is or is not.... but would be happy to eventually come to a conclusion.
  8. Northern Gnome

    Are we capable of creation ?

    I'm a strange one, believing that the statements that God exists and does not exist are both correct. The way I see it, God is in the eye of the beholder, nowhere else. The above words I just posted might sound like I am being contradictory, but I don't see it that way. The all that is, on a quantum level, is One... I see the thing called "God" as that oneness but at the same time you can just call it physics instead of God. I don't believe in the God religions are formed around but at the same time I still believe that the physics of the universe somehow allow some kind of conscious singularity which is aware of all its parts, that thing to me is God, to a scientist it is just reality. Although science hasn't reached the point where such is in the text books the way I see it, science is becoming more and more metaphysical every year, especially in the last five years. The more science reviels about reality the more everything appears to be made up of consciousness itself.
  9. Northern Gnome

    Are we capable of creation ?

    That is the logic I use to get around belief or the need to believe something which I cannot prove for certain. What is IS, regardless of my belief or not. This kind of simple realization sure helps me from having to make a decision one way or the other on things I cannot really prove out. i.e. does God exist or not? What is IS, regardless of my beliefs.... I don't feel a need to decide or have faith etc., what is IS.... On the subject of creation, we obviously must be capable of creation, in slow baby steps, at least. This computer I am typing on wasn't anywhere close to being something we could probably have concieved 3000 years ago. It would have been either white or black magic to most people back then.
  10. You mates that have those kinds of dreams, damn you, damn you all! I never have dreams like that!
  11. Northern Gnome

    Some thoughts on Star Wars

    Enjoyed your post mate, thanks.
  12. Northern Gnome

    I want to come back

    Someone sent him some Mimosa root bark a couple of months ago, so I have no doubts he has done as he claims. I used to provoke people on what salvia could and could not do a few years ago when I was new to the entheogen community too but then I found out that these substances do not produce the same things for everyone and released judgment. Since then, I get along just fine with everyone... (knock on wood).
  13. Northern Gnome

    I want to come back

    LOL.... I changed my handle here awhile ago and have been gone for a spell too, sorry for the confusion and thanks for the welcome back. Last night I dreamed that I was someone else and when I woke up I actually grieved for having lost my prior beingness, still believing thaat I was that someone else for at least a minute... then slowly, as I began to come back I realized that I was still the person I've been for the last near 50 years... and.... that was without smoking anything. Edit: I edit for the thrill of it....
  14. These folks at the University of Hawaii are doing research on how psychoactive plant use transforms lives. You can fill out a questionnaire. For a multiple choice questionnaire, it's not too bad, plus there are comment spaces. You don't have to live in Hawaii to participate. http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/era/PsychoPlants
  15. Northern Gnome

    I want to come back

    I wish to myself that DMT could open up a port hole to a multiverse, I don't really know if it does or doesn't but I'd be one happy camper if it could. I have my doubts but would love them to completely disappear. I think it is fair for anyone to say that it takes many many journies to be able to state with much certainty what this substance is possible of producing when combined with our human wetware. I wouldn't judge it very quickly. That scarey experience you had with DMT is very close to the same thing I had when I consumed too much salvinorin A, yet.... after that I learned to never use that much anymore, too much just scrambles ya when using salvia and can make one go into a completey unconscious state for a few minutes. I imagine to much of any substance can be a scarey experience, drug or not, if you can get too much of it in your system. I can't personally speak in regard to DMT but from having read about it for over seven years now, spending many hundreds of hours reading people reports on their experiences over the years it is ok to say how you experienced it, what it was for you, but at the same time not label what it is or is going to be for someone else.