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  1. Salvi

    Cactus grow log V1

    What sized containers are you using there?
  2. Salvi

    Pedro Wood

    Well then, rig it up as an incense burner, so the incense burns on the inside of the log, getting that smoke effect.
  3. Salvi

    Lophophora ID

    Any other opinions?
  4. Salvi

    Lophophora ID

    lol well it was supposedly just "generic" L. diffusa. However, it really doesn't resemble any of the other plants that grew from the same seeds. Not just all of the pups, but the tubercles seem to be shaped differently. E.G. I'm pretty sure the tufts are soft on this one, and not spiny. I'll check to make sure.
  5. Salvi

    Lophophora ID

    Nah, this wasn't even supposed to be caespitosa, it's an odd one out of the batch.
  6. Anyone have any idea what this is? I'm not going to say what the seed was labeled as so as not to bias anyone..
  7. Salvi


    lol, and no feedback either..can you say sketchy?
  8. Salvi

    loph damage

    Damn, I'd be pissed! Can't they find something less valuable to eat? Maybe some lettuce or something.
  9. Salvi

    a few photos to share

    Yes, depending on their environment, they may look similar, but are definitely different in appearance when grown in the same environment. At least that's my take on it. I've found the one I sent you can have a tendency to be rather spiny when grown in sunny/hot conditions, whereas the small spine doesn't seem to have this trait. Btw the seedlings you sent are doing well also, just not much to show at the moment. Although they are just getting to that stage where they are developing their unique characteristics..I can't wait for these to mature some more. I believe they were SS01 x T. pach? I'd have to check to be sure, but one is starting to look somewhat bridgesoid.
  10. Salvi

    a few photos to share

    thanks birdman
  11. Salvi

    a few photos to share

    Teo, can't you just chop off the normal growth and let the cristate part grow? Or is there like one growth point on one end of the plant? I guess I'm not really sure how cristate lophs tend to grow.
  12. Salvi

    some summer shots

    All I can is wow, that's one awesome collection man. Good job on caring for so many plants.
  13. Salvi

    a few photos to share

    Hmm, I'm not so sure. I had another one split into two normal heads, and this one is definitely different and continues to look more and more cristate. I guess we'll find out.