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    Heavy Metal

    I have noticed that a lot of people on these forums listen to a fair amount of electronica and/or chilled music. But every now and then, someone will mention a metal album. So I was wondering how many people here listen to metal. What are the reasons or emotions behind it? For example - I listen to metal because it is a good anger release without actually doing anything aggressive. And also I get a strong groove from metal that I have never found anywhere else. And while we are at it, can anyone point me towards some metal that has really impressed them. I'll start with: Meshuggah - Highly technical groove metal Tool - Sludge/Prog/Industrial/Psychedelic metal Mastodon - Conceptual/Hardcore metal Decapitated - Death metal sound without the death lyrics Any other metal bands to look into would be appreciated.
  2. I liked these too man. They could be developed further like you said, but a good start. Planthelper, I assumed fingers are hurting due to the little wheel modulator you get on keyboards or other hardware for electronic music. Persistent use of said wheel to vary whatever effect is being worked with(?)
  3. Haven't been around these parts for some time. So a friendly hello to you all I've just started to getting back into ethnobotany again and my creative juices have had a bit of a surge too, sooooo.... Here's some electronic stuff i have been working on. I would greatly like to hear from anyone into electronic production. I'm having some trouble getting a full and complete sound. But this is my recent work. Constructive feedback appreciated from everyone. https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/finding-solaces https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/precursor2 https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/ground-dweller2 https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/moving-through https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/delve-in-two https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/cold-encounter https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/intro-to-cartoon https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/frank-listo I've been making stuff pretty regularly, so I'll upload as i go. There is more stuff on my soundcloud, but it's not that well produced.
  4. Stinkmeat

    Some Mu-zak by Me

    Thanks buds. Bullit, I really want to get into the live/ hardware side of electronic music. I don't really have any idea about it. It will likely be next year though. Going overseas for a couple of months, so can't get anything going at the moment.
  5. Stinkmeat

    Some Mu-zak by Me

    Some more new ones. https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/healer https://soundcloud.com/stinkmeat-fart/maneuver Edit - For the life of me, I can not get these to embed. I have tried several different ways and read the thread about embedding. Still won't work. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Stinkmeat

    Some Mu-zak by Me

    Thanks buddy.
  7. Stinkmeat

    See what I see

    The beaches whales collection is awesome man!
  8. Stinkmeat

    manitou rolling tobacco

    Thanks for the thread and hints on keep tobacco fresh. I've only tried the Manitou product, but it's delicious. Both the taste and the effect. Thanks fellas.
  9. Stinkmeat

    Murder accused shot attempting escape

    Why does there need to be race attached to your argument at all? Dickheads are dickheads, no matter what race they are associated with. There are many Lebanese/Arab people that are beautiful, well wishing people. As is the same with every race. "dirty lebo cunts" should not come into it. It boggles my mind that this sort of slander appears on a forum that is based on open mindedness and the expansion of a person's mental capacities. Hope isn't enough to get rid of your hate. It requires positive action to get results. And "facts" are objective results and conclusions based on evidence. Not the rantings of a pissed off forum user.
  10. Stinkmeat

    Today I Turn 19! And I've been at the Corroboree 1 Year!

    No need for a brown nose now, haha. Happy birthday anyways brother. I find most of your topics entertaining, at the very least. Usually informative too. As long as you keep that side of your internet persona going, you will be welcome in my books.
  11. Stinkmeat

    Nostalgia Thread

    Yeah, I crack my N64 out every now and then too. Definitely the best system ever made. Ocarina of Time FTW! And I also have my Sega MasterSystem packed away somewhere. Always good to pull out and dust off every blue moon. Alex the Kidd and Sonic the Hedgehog. What more could someone want. I remember having a couple of A - Team figurines as well. Mr T. was definitely my favourite, haha. I had never seen the show, and still haven't, but pieced most of it together through pop culture references. Ohhh, and Beast Wars! They were epic! If I'm not mistaken, it was the first fully CGI series on TV. I seem to be a bit younger than the people that have already posted, so most of my nostalgia is more recent on the time line. Interesting thread BTW
  12. Stinkmeat

    Movies that changed your life

    Beat me too it! I was going to say Donnie Darko too. One of my favourite movies. It left me feeling blown away afterwards, and does every time. My all time favourite is Princess Mononoke. An Anime by Hayao Miyazaki. It's a bit more serious compared to his other films. Has a lot of good comments about humans fucking up the world. That we need to get back in touch with nature, etc. But also also has a strong fantasy and out of this world feel to it. Into the Wild. Directed by Sean Penn. Heaps of people have talked about it on here, so I won't go into the details. My favourite bit was when the quote "Happiness is only real when shared." comes on screen. Brought me to tears. Blow. Staring Johnnie Depp. There is an awesome contrast between the party side of drugs with the downside. Again, the ending was a tearjerker. There are heaps of movies for me as well, but that's my two cents.
  13. I definitely think that the fact a person cannot choose how or when to end their life is utterly fucking retarded! It's the same reason that prohibition is a stupid idea. People should have the right to do whatever they want with their body. End of story. I read a quote some time back that went something like this: From the skin outwards is controlled by religion and government. The skin and inwards is my territory alone. Obviously in the cases of euthanasia, a lot of counseling and psychoanalytical work needs to be done prior. To make sure that the person has seriously thought about what they are doing. That it is not just a spur of the moment thing in a depressed state. I don't necessarily think the person needs to be terminally ill though. On docos that I have watched regarding this subject, some of the people are simply old. They have no medical complaints. They just feel they have achieved all they want in life, and that they would be happy to end it on their own terms. Or they would like to end their life at the same time as their partner. These are just as fair a claim as any in my opinion. Two cents complete... Haha
  14. Stinkmeat

    Post a random picture thread

    HAHAHAHA!!! That picture is fuckin hilarious!
  15. A collection of artworks that I have done over the past couple of years. They never get much exposure outside of friends, so let me know what you think. My style varies all the time and there are a few different materials used. Mostly just pencil drawings though. As you can probably tell, most of my inspiration comes from cartoons/animation and psychedelics. Not all of them are finished so excuse the roughness. Stink
  16. Stinkmeat

    Heavy Metal

    I've found a new heavy band in recent months that I CANNOT stop listening to. I thought I would mention it here. The band is "Converge". Not sure if they have been mentioned here before? I think they fall under the genre of Mathcore, or Hardcore. Pretty chaotic rhythms and a very electronically affected/distorted scream. For anyone who likes Dillinger Escape Plan or Into the Moat, I would recommend checking 'em out. EDIT: I've only listened to the album "Jane Doe." But apparently the 2 albums following are of a similar flavour. A yummy flavour...
  17. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Rogdog, on the topic of not being able to put your thoughts on paper: When I studied art at school, my teacher commented on people saying things along the lines of "I wish I could draw/paint/sculpt as good as him/her." He asked one of the really good drawers in the class, "How long have you been drawing for?" The guy could honestly not answer, as drawing had been a part of his life as far back as he could remember. The moral of the story is that I think anyone can draw/play music/be creative. It just takes practice. A "gifted" artist has been practicing for more years than they realize. It's like anything though. When you first start, things are a bit frustrating. Your drawings may not be exactly what you want. The more you do it though, the more tricks you learn. I just thought I would mention this to encourage people to give it a go. I've noticed a lot of people on here have said similar things in the past. I hope it encourages you.
  18. Howdy ho, This is a new drawing I did after some astral travels in Peru. In my dream, this being was trying to reach inside my chest with it's tentacles. For some reason it was telling me it was unable to break through. Not sure what that means, but I thought it was a cool drawing none the less. Enjoy
  19. I am enrolling to do a massage course pretty soon, Cert IV. This will consist of Remedial Massage + a few electives e.g. Reflexology, Structural Alignment, etc. I have had a variety of massages and healing sessions in my time. Ranging from your typical remedial massage and chiropractic to applied kinesiology (AK) and auric cleansing. I have found that a combination of remedial and chiropractic is very beneficial for physical ailments i.e. back/hip problems. While I find AK very spiritually and emotionally rewarding. The link above regarding AK details some of the flaws and pseudoscience aspects of the practice. While the practice may well be a pseudoscience, it seems to work well for me, and thats all I really care about. The reason I am starting this thread is to see what other people get the most benefit from. And also what would be some interesting techniques to look further into, and possibly learn.
  20. This first batch are all just plant shots, feedback appreciated Stink
  21. Stinkmeat

    Pereskiopsis glochid removal?

    I always put my money on sticky tape too. Or something of a sticky... tapey... nature. This works best when the event has only just happened though. Not when they have already started to break off in your skin. Lol, so probably no help to you and your little tiger. Just my two cents.
  22. Stinkmeat

    Body Modification

    I've recently become pretty interested in body modification. I've only got a few piercings myself. Hopefully to get a tattoo soon as well. As the subtitle suggests, I am curious whether many other people are interested in it. I would love to see other people's mods (piercings/tattoos/scarification/selective amputation/etc). Or if you work in the industry, some of your work. The only person I have seen that has ever made reference to this on SAB was PD (I think). Posted a Tatt he did. Surely there are more? I'll post some of mine up once I get some pics of them.
  23. Stinkmeat

    Original Drawing Thread

    Here's a new one. I've been working on a possible tattoo design, so don't steal it! haha It's not finished... again. But you get the idea. The red wavey line sorta reminds me of hot-dogs and mustard.
  24. Stinkmeat

    Body Modification

    That sounds AWESOME! Since becoming interested in body mods, I've actually been pretty surprised how much technicality goes into tattooing. It's very much an art form in a field of its own. Can't wait to see how the mandala turns out.