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  1. Man, that was a very interesting rabbit hole to follow.
  2. kindness

    Bunnings finds

    I rescued a scop from there a while ago. Was in one of those tiny little pots.. can’t remember what they charge for them, maybe like $10. Saw one when I was there about a week ago.. usually found near the orchids and other small succulents/cacti indoors, (the shelf below the pachs in fyzygy’s photo)
  3. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone out there has some home grown Phleb seed they are willing to share with me. I have a a few things here I could trade or if $ are preferred could also do that. Hopefully some of peoples trees out there are producing seed now and I can join in and do my part to assist with the preservation of this special plant. cheers
  4. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Sounds good. Just had a read of the Phleb raising thread. Some good info there. Wish mine had survived… also just found this concerning culture of rhizobium, (or is it rhizobia? I dunno..) anyway. I’ll just leave it here coz I found it interesting: Culture Sample Preparation Carefully uproot a leguminous plant (sweetpeas, beans etc) Gently wash the roots using sterilized water to remove any soil, mud etc. Using a clean knife/blade, carefully remove/detach the nodules (which are visible to the naked eye) from the roots and place them in a container with clear water After washing the nodules, place them in a container with a solution of merculic chloride for a few minutes - this helps disinfect and remove any microorganismon the surface of the nodule Wash the nodules using alcohol and then wash with clean water several times Place the nodules in a test-tube and add a few drops of water (distilled water) Using a glass rod, crush the nodules to release the bacteria into the water Culture Procedure Gently pour mannitol-agar medium into 3 sterile test-tubes Add a few drops of the sample (rhizobium water) into the test-tubes using sterilized droppers Mix the contents thoroughly Pour the contents into different Petri dishes and incubate at 45 degrees Celsius Turn the Petri dish when the medium solidifies Allow the culture to incubate for about 3 days * Sample may also be collected from soil surrounding the roots of leguminous plant for comparison
  5. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Thanks for the info I’ve got a bunch of acuminatas and obtusi’s here that I’ve potted on a bunch of times.. they’re sitting at around 2/3yrs old. None have the nodules on their roots.. I’m keen to see if giving them some makes a difference to growth. I might get some of the tree lucerne stuff from eden seeds then.. they have a few options and I assume that would be the closest to Acacia? Here’s the link: https://www.edenseeds.com.au/?name=Category-Info-General&category=Inoculant
  6. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    I’m not sure. My guess would be different acacias have relationships with specific bacteria but I’m also thinking that any is better than none? I would love to buy some meant for natives but I can’t find any..
  7. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Yeah cool. I’ll give it another few days and see if anyone can help. Not in any rush. Gotta get hold of some rhizobium.. was looking around for it online but I think I’ll just dig up some mearnsii roots and make some brew with that.
  8. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Cheers. Yeah no mention of hybridisation on the cactilicious site either… I had kind of assumed the eBay post was the same person but perhaps not.
  9. kindness

    Looking for Phleb seed

    Yeah I saw that, thanks :). Was hoping someone here had a few seeds. PD gifted me some back in the day but the ones I started died off and I lost the rest. If all else fails I guess I’ll spend the $40 for 20 seeds but hoped to find cheaper or swap here first.
  10. kindness

    Garden pics

    What a beautiful garden! Such healthy plants and looks like an awesome block. Big. Love ❤️
  11. Hi all, just hoping I can get some help with ID of this fella. Any help appreciated. *sorry about the sideways photos? Dunno how to spin em around!
  12. kindness

    Acacia Floribunda

    From the album: Acacias

    Acacia floribunda from river bank early November (Close up of branch)
  13. kindness

    Acacia Floribunda

    Yeah, they are a pretty Acacia.
  14. From the album: Acacias

    Acacia obtusifolia in flower (December). Note the tall ladies to the left of frame also.
  15. kindness

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    It sure is a beautiful specimen
  16. Aww man, I gave away my whole collection at one point. To a friend though so they are still in my not to distant orbit if I want to make a journey to visit… Id take these off you in a heartbeat. WA is just a bit of a drive from NSW :/ Hope you get that bike to where you want it ✌️❤️
  17. kindness

    ID please - Bun*ings rescue plant

    Cheers, yeah thought it was a pach when I got it in one of those tiny little pots they sell but now it’s got some growth I thought maybe scop’ but am not great with my cacti ID. thanks for the suggestions :)
  18. Great watch/listen. Thank you guys
  19. kindness

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    Yeah, gotta be a market collecting the seed and selling to middle eastern shops I’d think… maybe too labour intensive to make a buck though. Interesting that harmaline is being looked into as a herbicide. That would be interesting to see on a bunn1ngz shelf lol
  20. I have been gifted some phleb seeds... I feel totally honored to have the chance to raise them. I have raised acacia seeds in the past and haven't had much problem getting them to grow. This time round however I am not having much luck at all. So far I have tried 1). Doing nothing to the seed and popping it around 1.5mm in some seed raising mix. 2). Boiling some water in a kettle, pouring this over some seed in a tea cup and leaving till it cools, then planting 1.5mm in some seed raising mix. Both times I have kept the pot in sunlight and spray misted the surface of the soil, keeping it moist. I have not had a single one come up. It's been months. Are phleb seeds wildly different to other acacias in their requirements for germination? I am thinking that my next attempt will be to file off a small nick on the seed coating and see if that makes any difference... Any other suggestions? I have searched the site here, there is some suggestion of ways to raise seeds but I couldn't find any actual descriptions - the closest I have come to any direction is on wikipedia and I would rather get advice from someone here who has real experience. Thanks in advance.
  21. kindness

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    Nearly 12 year old thread… Originally started because PD shared some seed with me. None of mine made it unfortunately… I passed the remainder on to a local nursery and asked them to start them for me and I would happily pay tube stock prices when they were up… the nursery went out of business and that was the end of that! It’s great to see others have had success and are now managing flowering and seed collection from home grown plants. Wonderful! How far the internet has come since then!
  22. kindness

    B.caapi dropped 85% of its leaves, HELP! :(

    My caapi has bounced back nicely. I’m in the process of taking picture a day to do a time lapse video - but that’s gonna take a while. Attached is it yesterday. Amazingly even though it lost nearly every leaf the green aphids are still maintaining their little Ayahuasca home. I have been brushing them off by hand which squashes them when there are leaves with little population outbreaks. I don’t really want to spray it with chems although am not so opposed to an organic contact pesticide like pyrethrin…. Anyhow. Glad I didn’t completely stuff up. Nearly time to take some cuttings as insurance!
  23. My caapi cutting was going great. She’s about a year old, lives indoors, is in a large pot, (although has outgrown the one she’s in and needs potting on), is around 2.5m high with heaps of side branching etc… it was very healthy apart from an ongoing battle with green aphids. I kept it well watered, although may have let it dry out a bit one hot day recently. I had been occasionally treating the aphids with a mild solution of dish washing detergent and water then sometimes blasting the leaves with a water sprayer to physically remove the aphids from the growing tips and back of leaves etc. This was quite effective till I got some new dish washing liquid… it was an anti-bacterial concentrate one and following a few successive days of spraying for aphids the vine has dropped nearly ALL its leaves Have I killed my wonderful plant that I love so much? Will it reshoot? Does anyone else agree it was the dishwashing liquid that’s burned the leaves or maybe I let it get too dry on one of the hot days we had? I’m really leaning toward the liquid though.. Anyhow, I’ve given the remaining leaves and vine in general a couple of big plain water mistings/drenches to get rid of any remaining liquid that was on the plant. I will re pot in the next few days also into a larger pot and hopefully she springs back into life. I was so happy with my indoor caapi! I really hope I haven’t killed it. I’m really hoping the massive leave drop is one of the plants mechanisms for dealing with stresses and not the end of days for the poor thing. kind regards to all
  24. kindness

    Why my Syrian Rue never flowers?

    Maybe trying to mimic the areas where it has become a bugger to eradicate… link is to South Oz fact sheet for ‘African rue’. https://data.environment.sa.gov.au/Content/Publications/pests_rue.pdf