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    Mushroom cultivation courses

    It's been a while, but I'm running courses again. I've been doing this for 11 years, and have watertrade, the corroboree and the shroomery to thank for getting me started. The 2 day course will take you through growing from spores, cloning, making agar plates, liquid cultures, spawn making, dowels, fruiting substrates and harvesting. A few members here have done courses with me, and they loved it. Check out more info here https://forestfungi.com.au/pages/upcoming-courses
  2. worowa

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    I'll be teaching at the Permaculture Sydney Institute in June!
  3. worowa

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    Yep, more spots in the 16/17 workshop, couple in the 30/31.
  4. worowa

    Mushroom culture confusion

    I run forest fungi. Making petris takes time and effort, and maintaining a culture bank can be tricky. I give students 50% off, and usually give multiple petris. I also only sell cultures that I have tested. Overseas some of these cultures are $400+. I regularly trade cultures. I have a bank of 20 plus cultures, but only grow a few species for myself and chefs. If someone wants a rarely used culture, I have to make a batch of petris, inoculate them, incubate them, and then choose the best ones to post. All my cultures I send are fresh, not frozen. I used to do it for free, as do others here (watertrade got me started), but I can't afford to be a charity, so I charge enough to make it worth my while. I also don't place restrictions on what you do with my cultures...others have bought my cultures, then started selling them with restrictions on what you can do with them, and renaming them as fictitious species...
  5. worowa

    Burgundy caps

    Sure...there's a bit of a write up from last year here...https://forestfungi.com.au/blogs/forest-fungi/king-stropharia-a-great-mushroom-for-the-garden But these pics are from soaked eucy woodchips (a week or so), with added grain spawn. Made this time last year, started fruiting a bit over a month ago.
  6. worowa

    Burgundy caps

    some Stropharia rugosoannulata popping up in my garden. Took a few years to get them established, now they're everywhere.
  7. worowa

    Burgundy caps

    Sure...there's a bit of a write up from last year here...https://forestfungi.com.au/blogs/forest-fungi/king-stropharia-a-great-mushroom-for-the-garden But these pics are from soaked eucy woodchips (a week or so), with added grain spawn. Made this time last year, started fruiting a bit over a month ago.
  8. worowa

    Pleurotus nebrodensis

    I've been having lots of luck growing these critically endangered mushies. They're delicious, meaty, and last for ages compared to most oysters. I've got a bunch of cultures to trade...also have 2 pinks, gold, grey, white, sajo-cajur and king oysters, an amazing pioppino strain, nameko... Keen on other cultures and/or interesting seeds.
  9. worowa

    Pleurotus nebrodensis

    Hi Tripsis, well it could be! I had a few ferulae and nebrodensis petris, made a few jars of spawn, then fruiting bags, then by the time they fruited, which took about 1 year, I couldn't see any label...cloned some, and going gangbusters ever since. I had 2 slightly different fruiting forms-1 made giant, long lasting fruits, the other much smaller, but still very similar morphology. They both love calcium and cold...they could even be the same species. I hunted around for info., very little available. Very different to eryngii in taste, texture and morphology. Thanks again for the cultures way back when. Let me know if you ever want any.
  10. Thanks for nothing, failed trade

  11. worowa

    Sourcing Sustainable Euc Logs

    Haha, I love those hospital beds, scored a couple from Huonville tip shop-$10 each. A week later in Margate tip, they tried selling them for $115 each! Great for lifting and shifting heavy loads. Dowels don't have spores, well, not until they produce mushrooms. Tell your flat mate to stop breathing if they want to avoid spores.
  12. What's up Tom?

  13. Hey mimzy, did you ever post cultures? Never got them.



  14. worowa

    Shitake cultures

    I've got a few strains...what do you have to trade?
  15. worowa

    Edilbe mushroom cultures

    I'll need your address to post them.
  16. worowa

    Edilbe mushroom cultures

    I've got those... PM me, I'll post some out for you.
  17. worowa

    Edilbe mushroom cultures

    I've got all those cultures...what do you have to trade?
  18. worowa

    Cyttaria gunnii

    http://forestfungi.com.au/hunting-for-bush-tucker-wild-myrtle-oranges/ http://forestfungi.com.au/hunting-for-bush-tucker-wild-myrtle-oranges/ Hunting for Bush Tucker – Wild Myrtle Oranges Posted on January 12, 2015 Summer means myrtle orange hunting time in Tassie… In Tassie, summer is the time for hunting down the mesmerizing Cyttaria gunnii, commonly known as the myrtle orange or beech orange. What an amazing day. Will and I took a road trip to the myrtle forests (Nothofagus cunninghamii) in Tassie – hunting down the myrtle oranges until we found the mother load on the very top of the mountain! The sweet nectar inside was a very cool welcomed treat for our efforts. These tasty little morsels have to be one of my favourite wild mushrooms for various reasons. One – I love hunting for mushies in myrtle forests, secondly I love reading the signs in the bush to find them. The Cyttaria mycelium forms woody galls on their host trees, from where the perennial crops of fruit are produced. Therefore you are looking for myrtles with galls. Thirdly, they cook up to be rather tasty and unique little morsels. They look great in your dish, keep their beautiful deep orange colour and maintain their crunchy texture. They take on flavours to compliment your dish. Collecting fungi is only permitted on private land in Tasmania. Similar species of Cyttaria also grow in New Zealand and South America, on related Nothofagus trees. All species of Cyttaria are edible, and have been used by local peoples for thousands of years. The mushrooms can actually be collected and fermented into an alcoholic beverage, as they contain up to 15% sugars, as well as cold tolerant Saccharomyces yeasts. In pandani, pencil pine and myrtle forest golden moon, glowing honey comb treats found offering sweet summer nectar delight
  19. worowa

    Mushroom Growing Courses

    Running a few more courses on the mainland, this time in Sydney, Pambula and Wollongong. I'm open to bartering, plus I accept LETS or other CES (Community Exchange System) payments. More details here http://forestfungi.com.au/product-category/course/ and here https://www.facebook.com/Forest.Fungi Be great to meet a few more of you, and spread the mycelium around.
  20. worowa

    my reishi rocket

    The fattie still hasn't fruited for me, but my strain fruits year round here in Tassie. Where did your Reishi come from Lindsay? If you're keen to trade, I've got cordyceps militaris, and the amazing yanagi-matsutake. How did the Calocybes go?
  21. worowa


    After some seeds of tabacum
  22. worowa

    printing store bought oysters?

    Spores don't like h2o2...
  23. They're on! I've collected 100's from Goulburn, Wagga, Albury, Wangaratta, Bright...all the Wollongong ones the rats got. Also got some Monkey Puzzle nuts! I can't eat them all, I'm leaving the mainland next week, I've given heaps away...make me an offer and I can post you a bunch.
  24. I've got stacks left, some are germinating. The seeds put out a shoot that forms a tuber, about a year later, and the tuber is supposedly better than the nut. The tree then grows from the tuber. Many thanks to Baron von Mueller, who I think planted most of the ones I've collected from. Pm me for details if you want some.