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  1. My initial reaction was something like 'why is this university professor asking for donations to write a book?'. Having looked at it though it's really just an advance payment. $35 isn't much for a hardcover book signed by the author. Should be a fantastic book too.
  2. user1

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Thankee sai Cubensis, india orissa print. Goes great under the microscope.
  3. user1

    'Edible' Fungi Grow Log :)

    Bump. Really good basic beginner's guide using minimal gear.
  4. user1


    i've heard that. best thing to do is ask the mushroom.
  5. user1

    Syzygy Comp

    you're one of a kind haz, could start a congregation i reckon
  6. user1

    First pics

    ^^^ seconded. thanks for the pics mate, lookin tasty
  7. user1

    Couple of shroom pics (with freak shroom)

    not sure what's going on with the upturned mushie, these things always have to be weirder than you expect. nice looking flushes though. i love the lighter soma EDIT: what's with the tubing taped around the inside of the terrarium in pic 1? haven't heard that one...
  8. user1

    What the hell are these?

    how'd it go haz?
  9. user1

    Two questions yet again

    dude! the water above foil level? you need an inch of water, that's it (as long as ur pot is big enough). the steam will billow out the foil tops every now n then, but no significant excess water should get in. no small saucepans EDIT: that glass in the picture doesn't look flooded, looks ok to let sit for a while
  10. user1

    Two questions yet again

    i wouldn't recommend the duct tape approach, it could be somewhat dangerous and the steam would loosen the tape anyway. seriously, you don't need a pressure cooker with normal verm cakes. steaming for 1.5 hours is fine, works a treat. i'm not sure of your circumstances where you are, but doing 1 or 2 glasses/jars at a time is pretty uneconomical considering that 1 10cc syringe can inoculate up to ten jars. the more vessels you have the more chance of success, as long as you follow the usual sterile procedures and flame the needle between the inoculation of each cake. i agree with harry about the cake you have going now. sit tight and there's a good chance it'll be fine
  11. user1

    Two questions yet again

    doesn't look like any contams to me. give them some more time, as long as the growth is pretty much pure white you're in business.
  12. user1

    What the hell are these?

    fruiting bonanza! very nice as usual haz EDIT: i wonder, is there much difference between strains experientially? like for example are some 'gentler' than others, or more visual, or whatever?
  13. user1

    mushroom files

    no worries soma, enjoy
  14. user1

    Drink Driving advice?

    lost my fiancee to a drunk driver, but he was point 300 odd. bad shit. .06 is a hell of a lot different though. an acquaintance got done for about .06 here in nsw, got a small fine and 'traffic school' apparently. no suspension.
  15. user1

    Two questions yet again

    i thought that the syringes need to be let stand for at least 12 hours once filled with spores in order to rehydrate the spores