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    The knights who say ni and 42
  1. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Dogs killed for having sex with 12-year-old

    News !!! Well, this is the last resort for me, you Aussies might find this kind of stuff from this moron entertaining... but not me. See ya.
  2. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Very trippy animation sequence

    How bout dis one, some of ya must have seen this one before ?. http://media.ebaumsworld.com/flow.swf
  3. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Very trippy animation sequence

    Flashback is getting on a bit now, here is some more reacent stuff. http://www.turux.org/ Anyone like Alex Rutterford vid "Gantz Graf" ?
  4. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Condensers for sale!!!

    I have emailed the cattledog. Was just curious... is the packing free ???. "Sorry i accidently typed wrong please ignor my previous messages." O.C.D. spam head Have fun Baz.
  5. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Pencil power

    ^ he, he, he, he, i used to love shorting out pencils... the voltage flow would dart about in a fractal fashion down the lead. Luminglas will do for eye candy nowadays.
  6. Slarty Fart Blaster


    Politricks, it's all fuckin bullshit. Fucked if i will be voting for any of these morons. L.C.C.
  7. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Trippy tomatos

    The Simpsons: Episode Number 231 The Simpson family goes to see a Zorro movie. Snake is rude after the movie, so to protect Marge's honor Homer challenges him to a duel, but Snake runs away at the onset of conflict. Overfilled with confidence, Homer starts challenging everyone to a duel by slapping them his glove. It gets him his way, until he slaps a Southern Colonel. The Colonel accepts his challenge and shows up at his front door at dawn. Homer chickens out and the family flees town. The man and his wife set up camp on Homer's lawn, while the Simpson family searches for a place to stay. Homer remembers Abe's old farm, so they go there and they become farmers. Homer has the repeated misfortune of tractors tipping onto him and he has no luck growing crops. He decides to use plutonium from the nuclear plant as a fertilizer. Radioactive tomatoes grow overnight, but they taste like ashtrays and are highly addictive. Apparently, they are tomatoes mixed with tobacco, which Homer starts marketing as "Tomacco." Lisa has moral problems with it. The Laramie tobacco company offers Homer $150,000,000 for the plant. Homer is not very good at negotiating, so he fails to cash in. When they return home, animals are addicted to the plant. They revolt, a la "Animal Farm" and a sheep destroys the last plant. The family returns home and Homer finishes the duel with a mere flesh wound and a hilarious "Glove Slap" rounds out the episode. Have fun SFB
  8. Slarty Fart Blaster

    my 1st sensory deprivation tank

    Well done Twix, Hope you and you friends have many a mystical experience with this baby. All the best SFB
  9. Slarty Fart Blaster

    The Vapir from Air2

    Well, it's made from plastic... call me picky but if i was a med user i wouldn't want to be inhaling plastic vapors. Seems like common sense to me !. You really should have a look at Overgrow and read some of the stories of peoples experience with them first hand. Too many bad remarks to be wrong i thing. Just do a search for vapir. Here are a couple of remarks from users. "ummm... boil the tubing first, or it'll taste like burnt plastic, and use the drawer to eject the disk often, as my experience has been that anything below the higher ranges is somewhat ineffective-- with the setting so high, it needs to warm up before you insert it, or the vapor leaks out the vents before you realize it, and unless you're a sturdy hyperventilator, you'll probably want to take a break or two without over heating or burning the herb." _____________________________________________________________ "Okay, I broke that badboy out last night....heated her up to 360....immediately, vapor started coming from the vents and several other places that I couldn't determine....more vapor actually leaked from the machine than filled into the chamber....go figure.... I did manage to get high...it took some trying though, and cooked more than twice the amount of weed that I usually would have needed in a pipe....I kept popping the tray out as I've been told so as not to waste so much. My honest opinion...it is a defective product....Vapir should stop selling the bullshit....or send out a fix for all they've sold....their shit is defective...there is no way in hell it should leak more vapor than it collects. Do not buy this product." _____________________________________________________________ http://www.overgrow.com/edge/showthread.ph...threadid=357212 The Volcano is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers and i would highly recommend it, if you want a more versatile and cheaper set-up use the Volcano Valve set with a Steinel heat gun. http://www.storz-bickel.de/ http://www.steinel.net/products/heatguns/e...ic_heatguns.cfm SFB.
  10. Slarty Fart Blaster

    for chocaholics

    Ackermans 99% cocoa was one he liked !. Green & Blacks do a fine range indeed though. I like the white with vanilla. SFB
  11. Slarty Fart Blaster

    castaneda movie

    Good books but most definitely fiction http://www.sustainedaction.org/intro.htm http://www.newvision-psychic.com/bookshelf...juanpapers.html HNY, SFB. "Unless"
  12. Slarty Fart Blaster

    coke, anyone?

  13. Slarty Fart Blaster

    league of gentlemen

    "your not from round 'er are you ??? " "This shop is for LOCALS, you hear, LOCALS..." Papa Lararou has be to my fav character. You know what i mean Dave... your wife is mine now Dave [ 18. December 2004, 20:13: Message edited by: Slarty Fart Blaster ]
  14. Slarty Fart Blaster

    Mitragyna speciosa 2 for the price of one (1 week only)

    Greetings T, I am interested in the offer... do you ship to the UK. So, is that 2 rooted Kratom plants for $55 aussie dollars ?. What would the shipping be ?. Seasonal felicitations SFB
  15. Slarty Fart Blaster

    The End of the World

    No offense taken or any malice on my part intended... only i wouldn't have been so dismissive if this was in say a Art/creative writing forum but it doesn't do much good for the "Entheogen" community to put out such "theories" after all the damage T.Leary and T.McKenna have already done to this field of research imho. The only thing i know is i know nothing. I dont want answers, i just want to enjoy the ride. It is the simple mystery of life that makes the game of life so special to me, i dont have to dress it up in Neo-shamanic psychobabble of aliens and elves and enlightenment. Just playing the cosmic game. In our consensus reality though there have to be certain base points and building block we have to all agree on in order to communicate on a meaningful level. One being the ideas of astrophysics i.e. the Sun's energy is derived from the process of nucleosynthesis. Makes much more sense to me than the Sun eating planets !!!. Please let me know if you have a better explanation... oh, and exactly why is Mercury so important to look at ?.