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  1. Jonny Deformed

    seq northern nsw meet express interest

    I may know a geezer/geezeret whom has a house for rent in the hills around that very area. I'll hit them up for prices..,
  2. Jonny Deformed

    seq northern nsw meet express interest

    beach house beach house beach house beach house !
  3. Jonny Deformed

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Paintballing was cancelled too... See yall next week.
  4. Jonny Deformed

    Meet up: Brisbane

    come get your paintball on bigred. ...
  5. Jonny Deformed

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Have been made an offer to go paint-balling tomorrow... Dammit I'm torn ! You geezers should come paint-balling so i don't have to choose.
  6. http://www.reverbnat...h/song/15116160 The only components of this tune are - Drum kit, Bass guitar, one 3osc synth (FLStudio) vocals. All the Atmospheric noises are heavily processed vocals believe it or not.. Apart from the 3osc synth which can be heard at around 26 seconds, long sustained "psy" ish noise. I reckon the tune needs a guitar track or something in the mids/ high ranges.. So I ask the musos of this site to lay something down. Over to you.
  7. Jonny Deformed

    Guitarist/musos wanted.

    lay it on me ajna. I liking the Didj idea.....
  8. Jonny Deformed

    Guitarist/musos wanted.

    Many thanks. suppose I'll whip out the les paul and work the 12th then..
  9. Jonny Deformed

    Guitarist/musos wanted.

    Psylo - Go for it geezer. quarterflesh - what happened to them ?
  10. Jonny Deformed

    Guitarist/musos wanted.

    Cheers maaate. Anything jump out at you in the way of "it's lacking this or that bit should have done that" ??
  11. Jonny Deformed

    Facebook Whoring

    Pretty much this.... PM me if you want to get yer whore on.
  12. Jonny Deformed

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Sunday the 18th it is.. Midday as usual ? Will be bringing some brugmansia cuttings, maybe a cacti cut or two..
  13. How long have ye been playing with sound ? What do you use? Nice stuff man.
  14. Jonny Deformed

    some light hearted bass funk

    Programmed/sequenced bass yeah ?
  15. Jonny Deformed

    PsyTrance and Doofs.

    How can you not love doofs ?
  16. Jonny Deformed

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'm digidi-down like the syndrome brother. Will have some seed grown brugs to give away, maybe some other goodies.
  17. Jonny Deformed

    Byron Bay meet?

    Yeah, could be a thing or "thang" as the "it" kids say nowadays. I used to be "it" Then they changed what "it" was. Now what is "it" I find strange and confusing..
  18. Jonny Deformed

    Are fake id's legal?

    Pretty sure they're legal as "novelty ID's" Just don't get caught using one or else it's fraud...
  19. Jonny Deformed

    Brisbane monthy meet 11 november

    Different spot this time yeah ? And also on the 18th instead..
  20. Jonny Deformed

    Position available at Wandjina Gardens

    Congrats man,
  21. Jonny Deformed

    Wrote a Song

    Need a producer ?
  22. Jonny Deformed

    Free Origins of Consciousness Ticket Brisbane

    Feck I wish i had seen this earlier... gaaaww
  23. Jonny Deformed

    pussy pipes (probably NSFW)

    I'd hit one.
  24. Jonny Deformed

    Fire is ILLEGAL?!

    As awesome as fire is, I'd be composting it...Ain't no such thing as waste. compost the mouthy neighbour while you're at it. Or next time tell him it's a BBQ and to run along aka fuck off.