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  1. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant Meet - Sunday 26 of October

    Always wanted to go to the RBG!
  2. Avaricial

    Car accident damage.

    3 quotes isn't required if you go to your insurer's approved repairer i believe. Not having insurance is not funny, 1.4k is a mere pittance compared to what it might have been. Tell him to take it as a lesson. A small dent to a panel would be the same as a large dent to the same panel, a repair typically means a replacement anyway. Don't think paintless dent removals can do much besides certain exceptional cases. Very believable too, a powder coated panel can cost anywhere from $350 to $800, depending on who you talk to, this does not include the paintjob, which adds another $200 - $300. She certainly didn't spend much time shopping around, neither was she particularly obligated to find the best price for your brother, Morg. Typical mechanics or bodywork places usually double dip, profiting on both the parts and labor incurred during the job. Quote for a plain panel for a friend's accident was $750 unpainted, happened to find one for less than $350 from the parts distributor (also brand new). minor sideswipe on my friend's part (put a tiny fresh dent on an already dent ridden corner of a van bumper) cost her $1500, not inclusive of her own repairs. If your brother chooses to deny it ever happened, her own insurance would cover her costs, minus excess. But i think the insurance company would sic the debt collectors on your brother's ass. Not that I'm overly familliar with the issue, just think its what would happen logically.
  3. Avaricial

    two examples of subliminal messaging

    In W. Buffett's own words, "One of the most important thing about Coke as a consumer product is that Coke does not have a “taste memory.” In other words, the taste of Coke doesn’t accumulate in your mouth. This is what makes it easy for some people to have 3,4,5+ Cokes each day. They never tire of it because there is no taste residue. Orange or grape soda accumulates and you get sick of it. Same thing with chocolate. There is no diminishing marginal utility of taste for Coke." I.e. you don't ever get sick of drinking coke, which is kinda true. Maybe an allusion to an unusual property of a product derived from a potently addictive source... Then again, I've never gotten sick of drinking ginger beer either.. so meh.
  4. Well, to me, the human body (inclusive of cells etc) represents the epitome of technology. We are at best imitators of the designs and constraints presented to us in this realm of reality. Transcendence for the masses will happen when biology and technology meet with spirituality at the apex. God... I'm beginning to sound like Warrioe-Sage.
  5. What an interesting article that was. Interesting how technology and spirituality seem to be getting closer and closer to some sort of conclusion, that the two will meet eventually somewhere down the line. The singularity might be closer than we think.... At least, that's my interpretation of the whole thing. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2008/...e-euphoria.html <-- that's the link i read the article at.
  6. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    I also called you B. Adams, which nullifies the above
  7. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    I don't understand it either, can't think of a better term to describe it than schadenfreude though. I think i owe you and Ballzac at least a cutting each.
  8. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    Thats a mannequin! XD http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid...8A4-WrgPexd29CQ
  9. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    Yea, was interesting. Lovely to meet everyone too. pity that it was so frosty.
  10. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    Pity the market closes at 2pm. Will you guys be staying for much longer than that? Work related (or the lack thereof) stuff has cropped up for me and won't be there before 1:30.
  11. Avaricial

    Pupils go wild on spiked school dinners

    Pretty sure those kids will be pretty eager to go to school day after day from now on. Positive reinforcement FTW.
  12. Avaricial

    Yo cats.

    Sweet dreams on Calea I'd imagine Welcome ^_^
  13. Avaricial

    shout out and whos in Melbourne?

    Ah so, Seems I fell into the forummer's trap of ignoring all the stickies
  14. Avaricial

    Melbourne Plant meet – May 17 - St Andrews Market

    I'm keen sir will be driving and don't mind picking anyone up along the way.
  15. Avaricial

    shout out and whos in Melbourne?

    This thread died a tragic death. WHY?! It looked like it had promise