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    Cacti in Tasmania

    Hi, is there anyone selling cacti and other desirable plants in tasmania?
  2. XipeTotec

    Mushie Porn (Image heavy)

    went for a walk today, these r some of the better pics, and some of the more interesting.
  3. XipeTotec

    peres cuttings lost leaves

    Got some peres cuttings, and some dehydrated a bit in transit, now some have lost all their leaves, will they still rott and grow new leaves... or are they lost? Also, was told they r very quick rooters.. it has been 2 weeks and no sign of roots... the seem to have gone a bit brown at tip of cut... should I be worried about this? or will they just root if I leave?
  4. Just wondering what everyone would classify as their fav herbs etc for enhancing dreams, and remembering dreams. I had excellent results on nicotine patches... and experimented a bit with calea when I had some available with some interesting results.I use mugwort, but with no noticeable effect. I here silene is great, I have not used, and noticed that it is not to be found within "the encyclopaedia of psychoactive plants" for some reason. Anyone want to verify these, or add some to the list... also... any combinations? had a thought, not sure if it would work, but for example... calea with bacopa to help with remembering (not sure how immediate bacopa's effects are though) anyway, that is just a thought... look forward to hearing peoples opinions.
  5. what are the ID differences between these 2 trichs,(san pedro and scopulicolis) especially in young plants? what are peoples opinions on Scopulicolis being active? thanks, shroomytoonos
  6. XipeTotec

    optical illusions

  7. Initial posts here have been taken from the T.Bridgesii Dose and preperation thread...I thought this particular topic should be discussed further within it's own thread.
  8. Just wondering if people have had any experience growing this plant from seed... and, as title suggests, its level of difficulty, and also, speed at which this plant will grow from seed. Thanks
  9. XipeTotec

    fertilising khat?

    although khat grows in poor soils naturally, I can only assume it does need nutrients added in the form of ferts. Would a fish emulsion be ok at this time of year for the young plant(taken as a sucker approx 2 weeks ago) any advice would be appreciated, regards, Shroomytoonos
  10. happy to trade or pay... also anyone have info on ease of growing from seed or cuttings?
  11. XipeTotec

    Trich ID please

    ah well... i just though the ribs were looking a bit plumper than the norm cereus... wishful thinking
  12. XipeTotec

    Trich ID please

    I originally thought this was a cereus, but having a look the other day, the ribs made me think it was maybe a trich, any ideas.... sorry about the poor photos, and i cant be stuffed going to take more.
  13. XipeTotec

    Trich ID please

    thanks... it was a cutting btw, so its stoutness may not represent its actual growth habits
  14. XipeTotec

    what are these??

    seriously though... i used to see those around a bit, so I went to the trouble to ID. From memory, they wernt known to be especially toxic, but ofcourse, I wouldn't eat them
  15. XipeTotec

    Australian Free Seed Ring

    never mind
  16. XipeTotec

    what are these??

    they look a lot like mushrooms, very common this time of year
  17. XipeTotec

    For sale, various cacti

    i have a bunch of various cacti and succulents for sale as a bulk lot. Please make an offer, postage is extra, and I dont know how much. Ill take offers for a couple of days, and sell to highest bidder.I dont know how to add captions. From what I know of the species, amongst them are a serpent cactus, cereus sp, cereus x sp. old man of the andes, mamillia, trich sp., and others unknown
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    its a thread
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    this is quite dumb.
  20. XipeTotec

    How to recognize a macrogonus

    i believe I have some of that... but the mother plant was quite a bit taller than what truca suggests macrogonus will grow, although, the spines are generally shorter thank the peruv that I have
  21. XipeTotec

    FREE Lophophora seed 2008!!!

    receive these today.... thanks heaps for your generosity ed!!
  22. you have to tick some box if u want to save your sent msg's
  23. XipeTotec

    my 100th post!

    if u make an announcement about a milestone post, u have to give something away.
  24. XipeTotec

    happy bday coin!!!!!!!!