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    Growing HBWR for dummies?

    Hello there, I am new to the concept of growing plants from seed. To start with,I have some HBWR seeds and am looking to plant them and would like to make it a successful grow. I live in Hervey Bay, Queensland so the climate for growth should suit HBWR according to what I have read. Can someone point me to a really good growing guide for HBWR specifically, but also any general resources in growing from seed would be useful. Thanks in advance...
  2. PhantomTurkey

    Kratom in Bali

    Drugs in Bali...just don't do it.
  3. PhantomTurkey

    Hangover cure?

    I'm looking for advice in a general sense. It's late in the afternoon and I'm feeling like crap. What or what sorts of things would you recommend to cure or minimise the effects of a hang over? Sleep? Herbal remedies? What kind of things would you do or take if you were in my position? Thanks in advance.
  4. PhantomTurkey

    What to Do?

    That is just wrong!
  5. PhantomTurkey

    dreaming herbs

    Last night i smoked some Calea and Mugwort before bed and this brought on a deep sleep and dreams. I should have written my dream down as I have forgotten most of it but I remember in this dream smelling some freshly baked bread and trying some. The smell and the taste were so real that in the moment I had lost track that I was in a dream and this was the best bread that I had ever had. Also in this dream had some ice cream that was among the best i'd tried but funnily enough not as good as the ice cream I had enjoyed at a certain gelateria up at Noosa. I don't know why my dream seemed to be largely about food but it was very realistic and it was the deepest and best sleep I had had in a long while. Tonight I would like to have another really deep dream if I can. Two of my favorite herbs for dreaming that I used last night, Calea and Mugwort are known dream herbs. Tonight in addition to just smoking I have a pot of tea brewing with a couple of large pinches of loose Mugwort herb and 2 heaped teaspoons of Calea. I have a fair bit to smoke and will do so while sipping the tea. I will go to bed right away.
  6. PhantomTurkey

    dreaming herbs

    I sometimes have both tea and smoke for Mugwort as I do for Calea although I would rather smoke Calea. As far as the green is concerned...you could if you wanted to...it certainly would be better for you than mixing with tobacco.
  7. PhantomTurkey


    Damiana is one of my favorite herbs. I like drinking it as a tea and also for smoking. I would say it's good for relaxation and I've found it can give you a lift if you are a bit down or stressed. As said earlier in the thread it's effects are subtle.
  8. PhantomTurkey

    Surfin bird

    Haha that's awesome!
  9. PhantomTurkey

    merry xmas..SABBERS

    Merry Christmas Chiral and everybody reading this.
  10. PhantomTurkey

    Climate Changed in Oz

  11. PhantomTurkey


    Calea Zacatechichi and Mugwort usually work for me.
  12. PhantomTurkey

    Suspected bird attack on seed(lings)

    Netting sounds like a sensible option...it's pretty annoying but probably necessary for your requirements.
  13. PhantomTurkey

    Suspected bird attack on seed(lings)

  14. PhantomTurkey

    14/10/09 smoking herbs list

    this is what i have at present: mugwort calea zacatechichi zornia/sculletaria extract lions tail sense smoking mix damiana passionflower blue lotus turkestan mint yuba gold smoking mix
  15. PhantomTurkey

    White Sage

    I was told by the woman at the local insence store that White Sage is sometimes smoked as a herbal high. I have never heard or read of that before...has anyone ever tried it? Is it safe to use...are there any interesting effects to be had? Worth trying?
  16. PhantomTurkey

    White Sage

    maybe then it is a herb to use sparingly in mixes or for occasional use
  17. PhantomTurkey

    Smoking Blend

    Thanks for that that does make sense. Quite often i find i enjoy Calea or Damiana on their own for example. I mix mugwort and calea sometimes as they are both dream related herbs.
  18. PhantomTurkey

    Smoking Blend

    Just made up a random mix of herbs that i have lying around... Calea Zacatechichi Mugwort Damiana Blue Lotus Maconha Brava Maconha Brava/Dwarf Scullcap extract Have had a couple of cones so far and am feeling somewhat bent...interesting..
  19. PhantomTurkey

    Do you still listen to 'old' music?

    I love the classic old stuff in small doses but am more into finding new stuff or artists/genres I have not heard.
  20. PhantomTurkey

    New PM restrictions and member group

    Havent needed PM's for a while but please enable if it is inactive. (being Members2 I imagine it already is but just in case since I haven't been around for a while).
  21. PhantomTurkey

    Has anyone ever orderd from Herbalistics?

    I have only ordered from them once...I got my shipment in good time. I would have no problems ordering from them again.
  22. PhantomTurkey

    Smoking mix thread

    What is in your current smoking mix? I thought it would be interesting to see what people are putting in their mixes. I like to try different combinations of things. My last mix was Lions tail and Damiana. I am now chopping up some Blue Lotus and Damiana. I'm guessing this will be relaxing.
  23. PhantomTurkey

    Drugs man caught by YouTube video

    Why do you think they call it dope?