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  1. Now when people hear about salvia, the first thoughts will be of pills, and people generally associate bad things with pills.

    oh, and salvia was never smoked by the natives to my understanding

    "Also outlawed was the plant salvia divinorum (salivia divinorum) – a Mexican native chewed or smoked by users for an effect similar to that caused by hallucinogen LSD"

    similar to LSD?

    Salvia is a designer drug? hmmm...

  2. The Australian section focus is on duboisia hopwoodii (pituri), stated as probably the longest use of a psychoactive substance in the history of humanity.

    It talks about the Australian Aborigines, although the section is quite brief, but still great none the less

    there certainly is a section smile.gif

    Is there anyone that has seen, or owns both copies?, could you point out the major updates possibly??

  3. "The main active ingredient, salvinorin A..."

    , yes, it was updated smile.gif

    I havent seen the '92 version, so not sure how much was actually updated, but i'd say there would be a fair bit here and there.

    have a good one


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  4. Not sure if Mike posts here,

    hopefully he does,


    Mike at the Ethnobotany conference yesterday I remember you saying that Plants Of The Gods doesn't have an australian section which you are interested in.

    In the revised and expanded edition, there is a section called "Gateway To Dreamtime" Pg 182

    Duboisia hopwoodii is talked about here, aswell as various types of ash which was used with it.

    It's only a little section, but thought you'd be interested anyway.

    have a good one


  5. "By voting majority I mean the people who are trying to do the right thing"


    but their opinion of the right thing is something completely different in my mind,

    I think that alot of their opinions are really other peoples, but these people are basically brainwashed and can't think for themselves, as the government assures these voters that they are "doing the best thing for its people"

    just my take on it smile.gif

  6. good article,

    Why is it though, that the myth about use leading to harder drugs is (was) a huge argument to keep it illegal, but now that it has been proved wrong, nothing will be done about it??

    With many governments arguments aswell about black market trade etc. If people grow their own medicine and keep it for themselves, how can this cause a problem with drug trade? if anything it stops it

  7. I remember eating a chilli in india which was extremely hot, unsure of what it was exactly, but quite small and green.

    quite a strong mouth burning sensation but also extreme head rushes, which was followed by feeling very light headed and for the next few days bad rash all over my body.

    I get both buzz and burn, sometimes one at a time, also i find myself putting it on EVERYTHING, i have to stop myself as i eat it too much hehe

  8. Hey everyone,

    how's it going?

    Been reading these boards for a while now and thought it's time to contribute...

    just thought i'd say hey and introduce myself...hi there smile.gif

    have a good one!