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  1. An old picture of long spines on old growth of PC type pachanoi. Prob. about an inch the top one.
  2. gerbil

    All about girth.

    Not the best pic of it but this is one I had up from a few years back
  3. gerbil

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Really impressive Zed, thanks for sharing, you've hit a gold mine.
  4. gerbil

    Youtube vids

    Bruce Pascoe presentation on Aboriginal Agriculture "Wurundjeri Welcome to Country" performed by Wurundjeri Eldr, Colin Hunter Jr
  5. gerbil

    Super Pedro X Psycho0

    Shit hot getafix, you can see the bridge screaming in those genetics and it's starting to look like kimnach/ecuadorian/peru pachanoi. I adore kimnach pachanoi, but I reckon your's is even a little purdier. Super Pedro is such impressive breeding stock.
  6. ah teo i'm so sorry to hear, I understand your loss, i'm still stuffed up over my best mate from a few years ago, we don't get over things we just learn to deal with them. Always thinking of you mate, keep ya chin up and thanks for sharing your poems.
  7. gerbil

    Youtube vids

    Peruvian Inca Wind Instruments
  8. gerbil

    Carvings of mine

    Different sounds depending on how and what they are made from, they can be a bit like fox whistles but they've got more of a hollywood classic screaming skull drone about them, or more of a hollow low dry breath rasp, just perfect tribal psychological warfare. I'm keen to make one for foxes for something a little different. I really like your Pounamu Toki 3 photo teo, they look like old sailors paintings of ocean storms, you can stare into those pieces infinitely, the brown string is a little deeper, but they've both got distinctness. Keen to see you peyote results, going to be a stunner.
  9. gerbil

    Random guy in the yard today

    Of course, it occurs constantly. You can even tweak it to attract cultural groups within broader nationalities. We are nature, no different to birds. Khat attracts interested Africans/Arabs Curry plant attracts interested Asian/Indians Oniony mustardy greens interested Asians Tomatoes/peppers/eggplant/olive/fennel attracts interested Europeans Nuts/Fruits -Europeans, Arabs, older English/Australian Europeans. The list goes on and on, plants connect with people and if a plant occurs where you do, or if you put it there, chances are you will encounter the people with connection to the plants. Some cultures have a higher number of people with connections, and some cultures have the same plants but different connections. Some cultures may be pushier than others, some may be sneakier, mostly it's the individuals personality and their understanding and respect of cultural law/values, time living within a given new society is also an influence. Some do it deliberately, some aren't aware it's rude to behave the way they do, some are on the same wavelength and no worries.
  10. gerbil

    Eating A. muscaria?

    I've no idea on the validity of it, though it's based around the conversion of Ibotenic acid and Muscimol. My vague non-referenced understanding (don't take seriously! use as a stepping stone) is that Ibotenic acid is converted to muscimol via decarboxylation with heat. The introduction of carbonated beverages is thought to have the potential to carboxylate the muscimol back to Ibotenic acid. It would be great to have knowledgeable chem folk clarify this a little. I was under the vague understanding that carboxylation is a lot trickier than decarboxylation. Either way, I think it's worth people (myself included if I am to comment!) read up on their state and federal laws. From memory Ibotenic acid and muscimol were both listed individually, so possesion of fresh or dried specimens of A. muscaria would be illegal.
  11. Free seed for the first 5 posts. Make the post and then PM me your postal details. Will get them out sometime during the week. Acacia obtusifolia (mix of seed harvest from 3 different planted trees) Trichocereus seed - Super pedro x PC or scop - Scop x Super pedro or PC - PC x scop or super pedro
  12. No worries, enjoy. 1 pack back up for grabs, HY made no contact. First to make a post here and then PM me gets it, ready to go just need an address.
  13. gerbil

    Potting Mix Recipes

    There seems to be more availability of guano in Australia these days, still difficult generally and possibly mainly in bulk sacks. The easiest and smallest option is probably Richgro Phosphorous, 2.5kg, available at the big fucked up green shed. No idea on the animal source, bat, seabird etc. Just be careful with it as with anything you buy. Nutrient knowledge and need of use is so messed up these days, companies are producing fertilisers with way outta whack nutrient ratios that do more harm than good.
  14. hey sharxx, I realise you probably want to trade but have a look at eden seeds up your way, always have been good to me.
  15. gerbil

    Youtube vids

    Big brown snake milking at aus reptile park King Cobra milking at aus reptile park Tiger snake milking, point of view.
  16. Will be in the post this afternoon. Let me know if any issues with them or they're crushed/lost. The obtusifolia seed has been slowly gone through to knock out any dud seed at time of harvest, but I did find a dud seed today, dead-embryo floater with a tiny insect hole, you shouldn't get them, but if so let me know and i'll fix ya up. HolographicYou, I need your address , it's a simple process.
  17. MountainGoat's the last for this lot pm me, will have more soon for others, need to check stock levels and separate for propagation and distribution.
  18. It's doing my head in not being able to find the notes, I swear there were 2 different timed flower cycles noted over a few years with some erratic seasons which confused things, but the only photos I can find are early summer blooms and memories of 'don't need to take a photo will remember this' so I could be full of shit with no pods on summer flowers, I just can't remember how the bumper crops came through the heat as I recall watching bean set and growth, but memories of summers dropping all spikes. (getting better with notes these days haha) Take toby's advice as a bit more rational It will be interesting to see what the late March flowers will do, if the spring warmth brings them on early for late spring early summer, or if it'll push to mid to late summer harvest.
  19. Without rambling too much, I think it's primarily environmental with low humidity, high heat and drying winds over summer that cause pod burnoff or lack of set. Slightly off the summer pod burnoff topic, small changes in environment can have fairly distinct outcomes, change aspect, shade cover, heat etc and it can be a whole new thing, i've got big older more shaded plants haven't had a hint of forming spikes ever, but turn the corner and younger plants have flowered and seeded for years. Nutrition of both soil and tissue is an important factor as 'healthy' looking plants may be sitting on the edge of what they need, put forth some pressure on them and they won't perform, though a plant with everything it needs, even though it may look the same as the other, has the potential to laugh off the pressure and continue to do it's thing. Nice flowers! It's interesting how they do that, either hold inflorescence for months, or hold a 'dormant' pod, (embryonic diapause, did the mammals teach the mimosaceae or vice verse LOL) either way it works out very similarly, dormant pod starting to grow in March/April, the held inflorescence flowers, sets and grows at the time of the dormant awakening. Keep an eye on yours for a late October / November harvest, you more than likely will get seed as they are beaning up nicely mate, nice little fatties. I'm struggling to find my notes (isn't that frustrating) on flowering cycles and behaviours of obtusi around my area. I would have some better info for you if I can find that, it's not much, just more refined with observations and flowering cycles. Nice to see ya 'round fezza, am impressed with your efforts all 'round.
  20. How are the pods coming along Ferret? Initially I was going to post a 'no chance' for those summer flowers to produce seed, but I reckon you'd have pods the size of pins. Without going too detailed and granted different location, soils and species, my experience over previous years with obtusifolia in my spot constantly yields nil seed from a summer flower, although this season must have been right as the tiny pods actually made it through summer, nothing like a spring harvest but there none the less. Top work with your cuttings mate I've got a heap of tubestock for ground plantings you may be interested in.
  21. gerbil

    Cactus pics

    Cactusland bridgesii Eileen from Ed SAB pachanoi - One of the similar looking PC variants SAB had years ago, looks similar to PC but also Super Pedro and Fields like. Tag got lost. (it might be a SAB 2) Seed pach G3
  22. gerbil

    Seed pach

  23. gerbil