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    Medicine Garden Red Spine

    MG Red Spine cut from Herbalistics.
  2. gerbil

    Cactus pics

    It's the labeling system i'm giving to some of my seed grown plants that i'm starting to distribute. Just a way for me to keep track of things for curiosity and allows for informed decision making in the future.
  3. gerbil

    Cactus pics

    Seed grown T. macrogonus by Herbalistics Hard grown T. peruvianus.
  4. gerbil

    T. peruvianus seedgrown

    Hard grown T. peruvianus seed.
  5. gerbil

    T. macrogonus by Herbalistics

    Seed grown 'T. macrogonus' by Herbalistics
  6. gerbil

    Cactus pics

    G5 again T. bridgesii x Luther Burbank, seed grown by Herbalistics. Seed grown bridgesii by Ferret.
  7. gerbil

    Seed Grown bridgesii by Ferret

    Ferret's seed grown bridgesii
  8. gerbil

    T. bridgesii x Luther Burbank

    Herbalistics seed grown source.
  9. gerbil

    seed grown G5

  10. gerbil

    Cactus pics

    Tube stock sourced at Adrian's memorial gathering. I think it's seed grown but it could be yowie. Miss ya fella. Seedgrown G5
  11. gerbil

    seed pedro G5

  12. gerbil

    Adrian's pachanoi

    Tube stock originally source at Adrians memorial gathering. Could be Yowie though I think it's seed grown.
  13. gerbil

    Peruvian Army

    Really nice work micoz, very healthy and pretty plants. They look ready to absolutely boom out growth, spring should be very rewarding for you. Can never have enough peruvianus.
  14. gerbil

    aus pc

  15. Struggling to get representative shots and clear. This more along the lines of what you wanted MS? They should blow up a little larger in the gallery by right clicking and selecting 'large' or view image in browser. Base of column coming out of long spine base Mid column areole sections, various 'types' of areoles/spines.
  16. I've been meaning to post the long spines for a while now, was just never happy with the photos as they didn't portray them very well and was unsure as to what I was trying to ID or compare it with and the limitations and mountain of work needed for just a snapshot in taxonomy. I thought someone else would definitely talk about it, the only thing I vaguely remember is you or trout possibly saying we know the PC had something with a long yellow spine in it's lineage. I need to dig that reference up. Yes absolutely the long spine shows up at the swollen plant bases, generally around 5-10" from soil level, I call them secondary or tertiary spines. The areoles can also be quite proud/extruded, full and fluffy similar to newer growth hardened peruvianus. In certain sections, array of spines can exhibit swollen spine base like Super Pedro and what EG was talking about with cuzcoensis in the 'all about girth' thread http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41478 All three of the plants in the picture exhibit the long spine to an extent. I've got other big PC types in slightly different microclimates that I haven't checked yet, their access is getting a little difficult. Yep am sure they are the same plant. I've a heap of other good stem and flower photos but I can't differentiate what stem is what out of the three plants as i'm trying to stick with 1 plant for the moment to save confusion. Will grab some more shots.
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    pach tip

  20. I've limited access to a quality camera for a while, will have to go through older photos. Have a little camera buts it's being difficult. This is the best I can do for now for a tip. Above photos are the first plant in this next photo. There are 3 plants, from 3 different sources, the furthest one in the photo is the 'fremantle clone'. All look essentially the same, flowers synchronise and look the same from brief observations, don't appear to cross pollinate with each other, accept donor pollen, large fruits.
  21. gerbil

    pach stems