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    That's not Acacia obtusifolia, it's Acacia maidenii.
  2. kindness' ones are obtusifolia, rottenjonny yours is a maidenii.
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    Cactus pics

    Been meaning to do a bit of this for a long time, only a couple at the moment, will update over time maybe. This is seedgrown from SAB 'pachanoi' seed stock germinated in early april 2003. All plants look unique in their own right, but can be grouped together fairly easily, this is one of the more distinct outliers and one of my favourites. both pics of the same plant, second is a little older, apologies for the grainyness, couldn't get anything decent in the resize. Got the willies with the collection at the moment, found a big red back population spread through all the pots yesterday and after cleaning it out aren't game on touching them for a while These were hardgrown and only given attention in the last 2 or so years.
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    Old SAB pachanoi

    Took some pics, can't really capture them how i'd like, but these are some of what is possibly sab2. Sometimes it can go quite like PC, then others you can really see some scop / cordo like structure, and sometimes ecuadorian pachanoi, but doesn't have the same epidermis. I need to dig out a ladder to get some better photos of the tips. They are fairly dehydrated at the moment, just started watering this week. First couple are the older lower growth, they were really skinny and lanky cutting when i moved them from somewhere else and put them in ground. pc on the bottom right, both left columns are the 'sab2?' you can see the more scop / cordo like slump they get. This is possibly the same clone as my previous photos, or it's one of the others I got at the time, this is super root bound in full sun for a few years in about a 500ml pot. (stem on the right)
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    pach and pc.jpg

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    Old SAB pachanoi

    I got a few different pachanoi from SAB years ago, I seem to recall 2 or 3 different ones but I can't find any of my invoices/notes regarding it and the tags got lost/mixed up. I've got one large plant that I think is SAB2, there's an image of it in my cactus pics thread on page 3. It seems like a cordobensis pc hybrid, but it could be anything really. It may be fields pachanoi, or a relative / hybrid, but i've got stuff all experience with that clone. It's spines are about super pedro length and have similar thickness and rigidity, but a little different. It can look sort of like PC when grown poorly but a little different. Mature columns get quite bloated and sort of get an ecuadorian pachanoi roundness to the ribs and the tip profile. It's a really nice plant and one of my favourites, really fat and the flower odour i've noted as being extremely pleasant. It's more tropical than the flat jasmine like PC. The other ones that I got at the same time are in bad growing conditions, i've also randomly propagated them (also in bad conditions) so i've got a frustrating mix of them that need to be grown to maturity side by side and them attempt pollination to try and lump them in groups, and i'm going off memory as to how many ones I actually started with. I'll get some better photos up of them this week hopefully.
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    Cactus pics

    All the background info on them is available in this thread pedro, I didn't breed them, just grew them from seed. They are probably a T. peruvianus from around the Matucana area in Peru. Yeah g8 is quite nice bardo, there are a couple others that are similar to it in the batch, more of a powdery blue than a blue green and black/red spination. It's frustrating that I haven't had the opportunity to put them in the ground, they should be massive stands by now, but some of them really haven't grown much if at all in years, and I haven't been able to pot them up because they are stuck in the middle of a forest of pots, and when things are moved other plants start falling over. Am slowly chipping away row by row.
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    Cactus pics

    G2 T. bridgesii x Luther Burbank Ferret bridgesii Bogan
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    Cactus pics

    T. santaensis UT T. cuzcoensis huanucoensis x kimnach
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    Cactus pics

    bridgesii G7 Urban Tribes bridgesii
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