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  1. Sagix I know you can't help yourself but i think you're being way too hard on TI.  I think he's been making some extremely interesting points in this thread & I've found it to be a pretty helpful bit of perspective on the global echo chamber of trump hating, a lot of which has been pretty irrational thus far..  


    I find it impossible to form an opinion yet cause there is so much dis information about something we've hardly seen the reality of whatsoever.


    Let's just wait to see.  All this hysteria is nauseating 

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  2. Some good points you make there.  I know plenty of hardworking truly active people like you mentioned whom I respect very much..


    It's probably not very helpful to form opinions based on social media noise that's for sure.  But that's part of the problem too. A large part of peoples realities are now informed by click bait & deeply shallow one liner interpretations of information.  


    My concern is that a lot of the ignorant behaviour of these people will be & is used to discredit the left & justify ever more extreme backlash on the far right.

  3. hashslingr, that's just the point. Those ideals that historically the left has stood for are no longer the core values that are proselytised by the lefts loudest voices & therefor the voices that have come to represent the left publicly as a whole.


    To even call oneself a 'leftist' infers identification with a rigid ideology & rigid ideologies are always dangerous in the long run.


    we need to educate ourselves better on the nature of duality in every aspect of the phenomenal world.  This psychotic pendulum swing of histerical retardation going on in 'the left' (whatever these things even mean anymore) is the inevitable polarity to counter the opposite polarity which is the extreme carnage the 'right' has wrought upon the world. Trump is an anomaly & I'm not even sure if right & left & remotely useful term to use in the world any more but him being in power is the inevitable dualistic lash back from the madness of the previous polar swing..


    all of these processes are simple human delusion playing itself out en masse. The same process of deep unconsciousness that has been playing out for millennia, it's just now reached an unprecedented level simply cause there's so many of us & our societies have become so bazaar.


    to strongly identify with any side of these issues is a huge mistake based on delusion & is entirely the means by which these processes are perpetuated & will continue to be for ever until we destroy ourselves or wake up to the fact that we ourselves are creating our own worst nightmares.

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    I've never felt I identified strongly with any particular movement or political standpoint or subculture.. But certainly I always have taken for granted that by default I would consider myself well on the left of the spectrum & by most standards I definitely am.. But I don't even know what 'left' is any more.. People have gone full retard.. Btw if that word offends you I'm sorry that you are so retarded.. It must be tough being like that.. 








    if you can manage to detach & like George Carlin would say, have no stake in the outcome, the world is just hilarious in an extremely tragic way right now.. The biggest mistake you could make us to expect any of it to make any sense. Best just watch as our global reality soup eats itself alive & hope this long drawn out rebirthing into some unknowable future state doesn't entail too much truly unbearable carnage..








    At the end of the day I think trump is probably the least of the worlds worries tbh.. 








    & histerical leftists would do well to realise they have done as much or more to manifest this bazaar reality as anyone







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  5. This is't about trump but it is definitely related.. at least in my mind.  It's just a little piece about the recent Italian reform votes & one guys disillusionment with the 'liberal' movement or whatever people would like to call it.. The horror of seeing something you once were identified with from outside of its ownecho chamber bubble.. 


    I feel it's a mistake to hold any opinions too strongly & identify with any rigid standpoint but I can can definitely relate to this guys standpoint in recent times..


    i dont really have the time or inclination to articulate my perspective here.. Mostly because the world is so bipolar I don't feel any perspective is that relevant as it will more than likely change by the time I've finished writing down my thoughts..


    I'm sure there are better pieces which articulate this out there but I just read this so here ta go..





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  6. well said sally.  thats a good point & pretty much exactly how that post/edit went down.  i'm sorry to say i took the uncontroversial path of opting out of possibly opening a can of worms.  i feel i should care & i do but at this point it seems forced 


    it's good to be optimistic about things that have been important to you which is why i still half heartedly peruse here once every not very often.


    whatever the real-time form the forums may take, they're a treasure of information & will always be valuable. hats off to torsten & crew for sailing a steady ship.


    i'm just thinking..  is there a bot that could write topical books using the forum database?  or other means to efficiently compile relevant information into coherent topical articles? 

    would be interesting if the content could be put to use & developed upon in ways other than the good ol forum structure.



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  7. i don't do FB but i've been wondering the same thing tbh..  these days i usually only check in here every couple of months or so cause it's a decade long habit & perhaps a bit of nostalgia..  hoping it's just a short term lull & things will get interesting again..




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  8. Wtf is going on when farcebook, not only people on farcebook but the website itself is telling you to be excited about a relatively common lunar event that is almost, if not entirely imperceptible to human eyes? 


    I really must get off there for good, I'm getting brain damage from all the forehead slapping..


    not it that I don't think it's a good idea to get out & watch the moon.. But if people don't do that already as often as possible then there really must be something wrong with their heads..


    just waiting for for all the comments about how it wasn't really any bigger than a normal full moon.. Or you know.. The moon always looks big when it's rising in the horizon as you see it relative to earth bound objects..



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  9. 57 minutes ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    IMO change from the inside out seems a better choice than random chaos/ destruction and allowing China and Russia to take over the world. Look at their record on human rights issues alone. 


    well the way i see it, as horrific as it is, epic chaos & destruction in some form or another is inevitable considering the human situation on this planet.  China & Russia are taking over the world whether we like it or not & positive change rarely if ever comes from the inside out in politics.. 


    1 hour ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    And just remember how much damage one bad president can cause (Bush). A loose cannon at the helm is NEVER a good idea.


    Not to glorify Trump in any way but thats precisely what is so scary about Hillary.  She may not be a 'loose canon' as such but she is a deeply disturbing reptilian queen if ever there was one.

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  10. the whole thing seems like a big twisted joke that nobody gets..  kind of like the human condition in general..


    i don't even know why i am in this thread i don't support anyone as president.


    on the other hand i find it quite funny how so called left wing liberals have been duped into vehemently supporting a hugely sinister status quo that they themselves have for so long apparently despised..  i think Milo has a point in that Trump is in many ways a direct result of, a reaction to & therefore basically a creation of far left PC movement.. 


    Trump as president is a twisted thought but he's trolling the system better than anyone else seems capable of in these times..  & for all the binary minded folks..  no, i don't think Trump is the bees knees.  He does seem to be a destructive force & there are some very large structures in the world that need demolishing..  if thats the way it goes down then there will most definitely be some serious fallout but at least its interesting.. 


    But don't anyone take my opinion seriously.  i don't know what i'm talking about.  i find it a better use of my time to prepare my self for the chaos thats only just beginning..  we're living in times of huge change that no one is capable of predicting..


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  11. On 05/11/2016 at 10:23 PM, ThunderIdeal said:

    Milo ^ is a gay anti sjw crusader and one of the early victims of twitter's attempts to silence popular trump-supporting twitterers


    yeah, i don't know much about him but he's clearly a troll extraordinaire & i appreciate him telling it more or less like it is..  not that i agree with everything he says.. i'm sure he doesn't necessarily agree with everything he says either but he's stirring the pot in a way thats pretty damn important in these schizophrenic times..



  12. 17 hours ago, ThunderIdeal said:

    I disagree, I dont think he could be a puppet if he tried which is why he struggles to take direction from his own campaign managers.  


    in rudamentary psy ops there's a concept of a useful idiot. Putins public comments on trump are an obvious simple demonstration of that concept in action..


    It's hard to imagine the puppet masters are not well prepared to put to use his idiocy in every way possible

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  13. While everyone is having a stab at what WB was saying.. My take is that he's basically saying that he hopes you don't one day have to watch someone you love or yourself have some kind of horrific brain injury.


    because those kind of injuries or whatnot happen to good people all the time & if someone close to you has been through that, it's probably pretty fucking irritating &/or very offensive to hear someone more or less wish that upon themselves in an ignorant kind of way.. Though that said I get your point.  It can feel like a curse having a highly active brain in this world of stressed out over stimulated miseducated worker bees..


    Just remember that in a world that's so chockablock full of dummies it's the easiest thing in the world to feel as though you are basically smarter than everyone else.  The next stage of that game is arrogance & that can lead to all kinds of fucked up delusions & a lot of problems.


    One of the biggest traps in that trip is you can become so convinced that the whole world is pathologically retarded that you can begin to believe that no one has anything to teach you. That will lead to pretty much completely closing your mind & losing the ability to see things from perspectives that you hadn't ordinarily considered & that then leads to you being basically as dumb or dumber than the masses of dummies that you find so hard to relate to..


    my point is that often (not always) there can be a lot more in what people are saying than may be immediately apparent. We all selectively pay attention to the things that click with our own prejudices & personal perceptions & tend to dismiss everything else.


    maybe I'm going on a tangent thats irrelevant to what you want or maybe that's part of your problem.. I know it has been for me at times in my life..


    maybe im another dummy babbling nonsense or maybe there's something to this, I don't really know, I reckon we should always remember though, that even the biggest dummies can have a lot to teach us if we don't perpetually dismiss them out of an arrogance which is a coping mechanism for an insane & generally quite dumb world where we feel we don't really belong.


    im typing this on my phone.. Not sure why the formatting is different all of a sudden 






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  14. As to how to get through a day sober. Stop being a self obsessed pussy & just do it. If you want to.. Then continue to embrace the struggle & do it again & again until you actually develop some perspective on your substance abuse in relation to your sobriety & that may lead to developing some perspective on your life as a whole..


    that may sound harsh. It's fucking hard to kick a serious addiction. But the sooner we realise that everything that's worth doing in life is fucking hard the better. Staying sober is like anything else in life. We'll only achieve our goals when we stop being little bitches & have the balls to follow through.  I say this as much to myself as I do to you





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  15. Anodyne is pretty spot on I reckon. 


    There is no inherent meaning to our existence.  The meaning your life has is entirely determined by how much you are willing to work to invest meaning into the things you do & the people in your life. The more you work to do that & the more momentum that you develop the deeper that sense of meaning becomes.


    Even if you know that ultimately at some level life actually is quite meaningless it makes little difference because if you really live like that then at many levels it is not meaningless. For instance, people who live like that are often very inspiring to others & that can help very deeply with other people's existential struggles. Also, living life as though it has meaning is just way more interesting & enjoyable, so unless you're a masochist, why not choose to give your life a sense of meaning?  If you're smart enough to get that this may be an illusion then you should be smart enough to realise that our entire reality is an illusion & if that's the case why not choose a meaningful & fulfilling one?


    sounds like you're on a pretty selfish trip.  I can relate man but theres a reason why the wisest traditions & philosophies are pretty much based on selflessness because the self is an illusion & pretty much the only true meaning in life comes from taking care of the people around us who are also suffering in this illusion. We're all in the same boat.


    Realising that life is ultimately meaningless shouldn't be an excuse to  not give s fuck & be a bitter cnut. Rather it's one of the first realisations that can lead to taking control of your illusions & creating meaning dispite the bleakness that is just one aspect of that realisation.


    im by no means some kind of saint but if we stop being self absorbed fuckheads for once & actually pay attention to the people & things around us & live life as though the point is to take care of those things instead of just obsessing on how hard it is for YOU then we'll more than likely realise that life feels very meaningful indeed.


    that is until we start playing the poor me game again.


    just cause you may seem smarter than most people around you doesn't mean you aren't just as much of a cnut as everyone else 



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  16. WB you also have those badarse cold loving tassie genes. A good mate of mine is the same. Icy mornings before the sun is up & he's sipping pina coladas in thongs & a singlet loving life while I'm fighting off hypothermia.


    With a bit of training you'd probably be able to whoop wim hof's butt at cold endurance

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  17. Nice. My neighbor is a old garlic guru, been growing it for 40+ years. He has said in the past he wishes he still had his old varieties he grew 30 years ago.. Well his old garden from 30 years ago is on my land, it's just an overgrown bunch of scrub.  earlier this year I went down there & noticed about 100 garlic flowers poking out of the scrub. Boom. The best old school heirloom garlic variety is back in cultivation!  


    If if its thrived here for 30 years by itself then that's exactly the variety I want. Best tasting garlic I've ever had too.

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