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  1. 21 hours ago, bardo said:


    You don't possess any truth? then what is the source of your stand point?



    i don't believe in truth.  i believe in being educated as broadly as possible while also understanding enough about each area of education not to be flaky in your understanding of particular issues which rely on a broad education to have any meaningful understanding of.


    having a huge amount of very complicated (and some not so complicated) data that makes an idea profoundly plausible does not make that idea 'the truth'


    but an idea regarding a rather complicated set of process', that is based on a seeming total ignorance of a broad set of extremely relevant areas of education is just boring and pointless. 


    i wouldn't call either of those ideas 'the truth' but one is a good idea with a lot of good reasons to regard it as a good idea and the other is retarded & boring unless your idea of interesting is to believe in an idea without much of a good reason to do so..

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  2. 6 hours ago, bardo said:

    I have never seen a model or experiment that shows/replicates how water on the outside of an object can stick to the surface while spinning?


    bro, it's called gravity...  & do you realize that gravity is the weakest force in nature?  you need a relatively huge amount of accumulated mass, like you know, say, a planet... for gravity to have enough force to out-compete the electric charge of molecules like um... water..


    edit:  this is also the reason why a blade of grass can stand up on the surface of the earth, because the structural integrity of the blade of grass is just enough to outcompete the profoundly weak force of gravity.  if the earth was twice the mass of what it is, the blade of grass would have to be twice as structurally sound

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  3. i'm not really following this thread much & haven't read much of what you have said bardo.  i will jut reply to what you said to me directly.. 


    i don't possess any 'truth' & my intention wasn't to insult anyone in particular but to take the piss out of this so called 'debate' as a whole because it is truly retarded.

    there is no 'spherical earth theory' no one who isn't ignorant has ever claimed that the earth is a sphere.  thankfully, if you don't get what i mean by that i'm not going to explain it because as i said this 'debate' is boring & for all but the most obscure reasons, pretty pointless

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  4. 59 minutes ago, ThunderIdeal said:

    Once again, I respect the questioning of established facts


    totally man, it's just annoying the way over enthusiastic conspiracy theorists can tend to make a mockery of free thinking skepticism.  being skeptical of an idea or theory or established fact is all well & good if theres good reason to do so & which there often is.  the problem is, the ideas people often come up with to replace the ones they're skeptical about can tend to be pretty retarded..  this gives intelligent skepticism a bad name, which sux because there are so many legit large scale conspiracies &/or issues in the word that really need to be discussed & reality itself is a very weird thing & there is inherent issues with describing the nature of the things around us & calling it reality..  people rightly need to understand how slippery reality is & should be skeptical of all kinds of ideas..  but there is ways of attempting that that are much more retarded than others..


    i was being a cunt in my last post though, so sorry to anyone reading.

  5. no way WB, thats definitely taken with a fish-eye lense..


    honestly, this is the most retarded 'debate' i've almost ever witnessed..  seven & half billion people are entitled to an opinion of course..  doesn't mean your opinion isn't profoundly retarded, even if thousands of of other loudly typing retarded people agree with you..


    (disclaimer:  i'm a government shill)

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    I'm assuming it will be ok and have a big leafmulch pile of it accumulating pretty fast but wanted to throw it in the thermo piles.


    A lot of people don't but if you know how to make compost properly you could throw a dead wombat in your pile & it'd be fine

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  7. hehe, well theres one way to transcend your douchery & thats to take her on some brutal 4x4 trails in the mountains!  maybe get a snorkel for it & do some epic river crossings..  Otherwise i guess you'll just have to live with the shame haha..  


    i've only ever seen one on a dirt road (let alone a 4x4 trail) once in my life & the guy was doing about 25km/h with 10 cars banked up behind him.  I can only imagine he was freaking out about the possibility of a pebble scratching the paint or a roo splattering blood or dinging the thing..


    Change, just promise to post a photo here if she ever ends up sprayed with mud or whatnot..  then i'll promise to never call you a douche again ;)



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  8. hey man, it's hard to gauge the subtleties of whats going on because your english is a bit wack in this post.. 


    if i was to offer advice though, it would be to try not to freak out, if you're concerned then try calling him or going to see him, show your support to him.  If he doesn't want to see you right now then he will probably let you know or not answer the phone.  If thats the case just try to give him space because he's obviously not in a good place, you probably shouldn't take it personally.


    if you call him or visit him maybe don't do it when you're drunk as you say you can be a bit abrasive when you're drunk. 


    Maybe the best thing for him would be to just know that his good friend is there if he needs you.  There may be nothing you can say or do to help him except just let him know that you care & you're there for him.  Be there to hear what he has to say without judging him, but tactfully let him know that he may be getting a bit irrational if he is going too far with his delusions.. 


    like you said, you can sometimes not be very good at just keeping quiet & being an ear for people to talk to..  but that may be the best thing for him as when people are in fragile mental state there is usually nothing you can say that will help them..  but for them to be able to express themselves & feel as though they have some neutral support can be the best thing..  & try not to feel like you can rescue him.  Just try to be there for him if he needs you.


    i don't know enough to offer much advice bro but if you're worried, maybe just try to call him or visit him & if he doesn't want to see you don't take it personally, just give him space & try again a bit later.  don't freak out about the situation when you're drunk & try to solve it when you're drunk.

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  9. Sorry to say it but if you drive a Porsche 4x4 you're a douche.  As if you're taking that shiny thing you payed hundreds of thousands for four wheel driving, ever...


    So why do you have it then?  


    Thats right, because you're a massive douche.



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    Coal is a good way to derive energy or we wouldnt be using so much of it.  Whether deriving energy this way ends up producing catastrophic results is another question.


    theres a difference between 'good' & easy to exploit.  coal is just a tangible, easy to exploit resource.  it's unrealistic to think that this resource won't be exploited as long as it exists but even if coal was perfectly problem free which not many sane people would argue..  it would be unrealistic not to invest heavily in alternatives to a finite resource.  All thats required is appropriate investment.  So far its just an issue of how to make just as much or more money from that investment than coal. 



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    but I do feel that people dismiss too many things without fully evaluating the whole picture.


    I agree but this is one of those issues for which the evidence is profoundly overwhelming.


    unless i missed it, you haven't explained the maths you are using but AFAIK no scientist has ever claimed the earth is a perfect sphere.  It's a lumpy oblate spheroid. 



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  12. from reggie watts ted talk haha


    "So as I say before the last piece. Feel not as though it is a sphere we live on; rather an infinite plain which has an illusion of leading yourself back to the point of origin. Once we understand that all the spheres in the sky are just large infinite plains, it will be plain to see—okay?"



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  13. Hate to say it halcyon but unfortunately threads like this make the other side of this debate seem highly rational in comparison.


    Edit: though I'm on my phone in another country with a really bad wifi connection, so that might be why it looks like an overwhelming mountain of feverishly posted, poorly formatted gobldigoop



  14. You know, the issue with all this BS is that for democracy to be even remotely successful it absolutely requires an adequately informed public.


    Just about every form the media takes has been so grossly biased & full of crap for basically always & the public has been so misinformed for so long now that every side of every argument about every issue is so warped & charged with fear that even the most well meaning campaigns for positive revolution on various issues seem to have just about as much chance as causing as much damage as good.  


    It's this reason that i find it hard to really get behind many of these large scale group-think movements that are going on.  Though in principal I whole heartedly agree with many very serious issues people are attempting to fight, the movements as a whole tend to display as much sinister irrationality as the sinister group-think mentality they are apparently fighting against.. 


    I tend to not feel Trump is bad in the way a lot of people do & not think he's good in the way a lot do..  He's just the result of a system that has been broken & tragically failing for way too long & for all his absurdity his being where he is has exposed that for what it is.  He's part of a process of carnage that is bringing about the end of a long outdated system & I don't think he represents in any way what will come next.


    being hysterical & irrational isn't the best way to come to terms with that fact imo.  Like hashslingr mentioned.. I would prefer to take heart in the real positive manifestations of passionate people who are doing real work to create the realities they want to see without retarded & misinformed tantrums.. & to simply focus on manifesting my own positive reality in these times where the human universe is in the process of being changed forever.


    its not easy cause the noise of irrationality on every side is so loud



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  15. I'd like to think I'm generally pretty cautiously neutral..


    mostly abortions & pipelines.  A bit about silencing scientific bodies (which is actually more complex than it might appear as so much science seems to be becoming grotesquely politicised) & a bunch of other things but which mostly its yet to be seen whether any hysteria is warranted so I won't mention them quite yet

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    there is so much dis information about something we've hardly seen the reality of whatsoever.


    Let's just wait to see.  All this hysteria is nauseating 


    Well if the recent news i'snt more dis info, it's not looking too pretty so far is it?  Is there any positive news they aren't telling us?


    sagi I wasn't having a go at you, I enjoy your opinions too, just sticking up for TI a bit cause he's not really on the most popular side of this discussion