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  1. SarahTonin

    Buying Piper Auritum

    Thanks Cumbrella but I'm west side and would need post, cheers anyway, still chasing if anyones able to help.
  2. I've wondered if the quality of the 5HTP has anything to do with it, I used to consume 1g 5HTP daily and was on strong tricyclics at the time too, no indications of serotonin syndrome - that only came from smoking a blend that had Rue in it while on the meds (foolish and a seriously bad time) Years later after being off the meds I purchased some cheap 5HTP which made me feel really unwell at low dosage, strange.
  3. SarahTonin

    Buying Piper Auritum

    Howdy all, chasing a root beer plant please pm if you can help cheers
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