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  1. instinct0

    Important legal update for NSW and Qld

    I have been wondering if any of the corroboree make submissions to help sway the NDPSC members' decisions on scheduling. Perhaps, it's wishful thinking, that we can make a difference. I hope I don't come off sounding too ambitious, but I would rather try and fail, rather than do nothing. I am sick of waiting and watching one legislation after another, banning medicines or ethnobotanicals. One thing that I don't understand is about the decision-making is, they post public notices of what they are proposing to make amendments to, i.e. kava to S4 in the pre Feb 08 gazette. However it is now March and no post Feb notice has been made nor records of reason. The TGA website was down for a little while but since, I have found the date, the public notce will be available April 9. Here is a list of dates if anyone is interested. Schedule Personally, I find it a bit awkward navigating through these government websites, hope this helps. Concerning business, does the state or relevant authorities compensate for the losses due to legislation? Regarding your store Torsten, you can no longer sell GABA or stillheads, what happens to your remaining stock or for the matter stock of herbalistics up north? I really hope this hasn't affected any ethnobotanical store too much. I've asked previously, but could anyone post a link to the relevant documents regarding GABA\glassware in NSW?
  2. instinct0

    Important legal update for NSW and Qld

    Hi, the following links might be useful, Reguarding schedules: NSW SUSDP- With minor state variations NSW Health QLD Drugs Misuse Ammendment Act-2008 QLD-legislation On another note, Kava up for review by the NDPSC to be reschedulled in the SUSDP to S4. NDPSCFeb 08. My apologies if this has all been covered. Cheers
  3. instinct0

    Important legal update for NSW and Qld

    Hi Torsten, Regarding these law changes, where can I find the information myself? I was under the (perhaps naive) impression that all glassware was legal in NSW before I read your post. On another note, it's been stated that books (RC) ordered from Amazon have been getting through? I've never ordered from Amazon before, is the packaging distinctive or features anything to identify it is from amazon? What type of shipping methods are best? What would happen if customs do find RC publications? Cheers.