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  1. bonecud_56

    Cannabis Propaganda - A Friends Experience

    Trava Health in Vic are great
  2. bonecud_56

    Share some wisdom!

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the politician always wins.
  3. bonecud_56

    Wanted Acacia Courtii

    I’ve sent you a message about your vine man, I’ve got some Courtii seed and seedlings I could send your way. I’m pretty busy away from home for the next couple of days but will be able to send a couple of pics to you when I’m back home. Cheers
  4. bonecud_56

    Wagga Wagga

    Very keen to learn from locals, surely it’s been wet enough this year for subs. I’m nearby to Wagga and would love to find some if anyone can help
  5. bonecud_56

    Harvest Ethics

    Thanks @Wile E. Peyote, and no worries I didn’t tag you so understood…totally forgot myself tbh until watching the show the other night. I do recall seeing that one can apply for a licence to collect seed too, so that could further strengthen any potential licensed growers marketing plan. I must admit too, I wasn’t thinking along the lines of that kind of Bunnings scale. Would be cool to pop into your local nursery or Bunnings to pick up a Courtii or two though. If I had the land I’d love to plant a few dozen or hundred, even if only to distribute seed. I know of at least one WA grower of acuminata who sustainably grows and harvests all parts of the tree and sells phyllodes and bark for leather tanning. That would be cool to do with Courtii if it had the same tanning uses.
  6. bonecud_56

    Harvest Ethics

    @Wile E. Peyote good show last night, I couldn't remember the question from my previous comment on this thread before. See above question. Any insights? Cheers
  7. bonecud_56

    Competition post a picture of your favourite flower

    I really don’t need more seedlings, but I’ll chuck this up anyway. My first Supernova flower, she’s an absolute gem
  8. bonecud_56

    Competition post a picture of your favourite flower

    I really don’t need more seedlings, but I’ll chuck this up anyway. My first Supernova flower, she’s an absolute gem
  9. bonecud_56

    EGA Raffle Now On - Get in fast as the draw is this weekend

  10. bonecud_56

    Acacia simplex seeds

    there's a guy selling some on ebay at the moment
  11. bonecud_56

    Acaca obtusifolia seedlings

    Pm'd you mate
  12. bonecud_56

    Courtii counter website survey

    @Wile E. Peyote can send you some info on mine if it helps you learn anything in any way at all? Still quite young, at 18 months and 3 months. But happy to send it to you if it's going to help you at all. Cheers
  13. bonecud_56

    Harvest Ethics

    I'm a little curious on this Wile E.....I had a look at the NPWS website on this and Courtii isn't listed on the list of protected plants that a licence can be obtained for, list attached. I'm curious what the advantages of obtaining a licence would be? Is it simply to allow you to sell these plants legally? (which seems to be legal anyway, or at least not really enforced) The costs for a licence are cheap as, so that's not really a barrier to entry. Seems odd that nobody has gotten into this, I guess it's not really something for the home-hobby gardener...more so for nursery businesses? And I suppose another thing is that it's not super hard (while also not super easy) to get ahold of Courtii seed to grow, as you say there are some ex-situ plants producing seed now. Sorry if my questions seem a little low-level or irrelevant, just trying to learn and understand more. Really do appreciate these plants and think we all should do something to help conserve them if we can. Cheers! biodiversity-conservation-act-schedule-6-part-2-whole-plant-species-list.pdf
  14. Yeah, you're right. There must be some kind of approval process to lay such charges and gaol people....one would assume that verification that it actually is an illegal substance would be required, surely it should be the first question in the decision tree...you know what they say about assume though. Last time I checked we're not guilty until proven innocent in this country.
  15. Unbelieveable. Especially when you see those border security TV shows where they test a substance and get a result in seconds. Hoe the officers involved get sacked and pay the costs themselves and that the victims are compensated from their pockets, not public funds.....wishful thinking and will never happen though
  16. bonecud_56

    Cielo vine cuttings

    Hey there on the lookout for some vine cuttings, around finger thickness wet or dry. Wet is preferred as I know dosage better, for myself and to offer to a mate who’s going through a horrendous marriage split. It just doesn’t grow well at all where I live, I am trying but it’s cold cold winter and hot dry summers… Can offer cactus or cash as a trade, Cheers
  17. bonecud_56

    Cielo vine cuttings

    Believe me I’ve tried and am still trying. I managed to keep one of two small plants alive through last winter but that’s all it’s really doing, surviving. I have a black one too this year that’s a little bit more established, so it may go better. there’s no chance they will survive winter outside here, we get proper frost. Taps get frozen solid on occasion, that kind of frost. Apparently it’s going to be a wet summer this year, so that may help. I would much prefer to grow my own lifetime supply, but am not confident at the moment
  18. bonecud_56

    Ceremonial Bowls for sale

    She's very talented, these look great
  19. bonecud_56

    Cielo vine cuttings

    I’m in rural NSW, near Wagga
  20. bonecud_56

    TBM Crest grafts

  21. bonecud_56

    Burbank spineless opuntia - prickly pear

    I’ve got some red ficus indica fruit I could send you
  22. bonecud_56

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    I could possibly get smaller quantities of cactus seed together, maybe 500 in total…will check stocks and get in touch with you, please remind me if I haven’t been in contact by Friday coming
  23. bonecud_56

    Bulk Seed Wanted

    What exactly are you looking for man? And what’s the intention with the seeds?
  24. bonecud_56

    P subs

    Looking for p sub prints, syringes, anything really. Might be pushing it uphill, but never ask = never get. cheers