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  1. Obi J

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Cheers Dan, already onto it bro, I have a science background and specialise in bush foods and medicine , but concern is very much appreciated and welcomed cheers
  2. Obi J

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Yeah I agree, I use a volcano so it’s no lightweight with the temps, but I’ll give some feedback once I give it a go, can only try . cheers
  3. Obi J

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    Hi , first time posting and I see this post is not new but in case anyone is interested still I’ve smoked baileyyana . I used a large cone amount. Effects were similar to weak dope . Felt light headed and some time disoriented, lasted about two hours , didn’t taste too good and left an unpleasant smoke taste in your mouth. I’ll try again vaping it once the tree gets a little bigger as I bought it as tube stock and smoked the lower leaves .