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  1. Open to any offers local wild collected fresh harvested
  2. Cactiqueen

    Which coir brick to use?

    Looking good
  3. Cactiqueen

    Lion's Mane Supplements

    It is easy to make your own supplements at home if your familiar with establishing a clean culture on agar. If not than might not be the best idea high bacteria count in your spawn and you’ll be dosing that as well but otherwise easy to do theres a brand in the USA called “om” that’s affordable however. They used to have a diff name can’t recall atm lion mane and psilocybin have been paired together as nootropic and shown good results it’s gaining popularity
  4. Cactiqueen

    Spore Prints for Cactus Seed.

    I have a print that I’d be happy to trade! Super fresh im in the usa
  5. Looking to trade some true heirloom strawberry seeds for other true heirloom seeds. They were collected at same elevation huckleberrys grow at. The berries were tiny but I figure that’ll change w some love. Dug up a few plants and they transplanted well. also have huckleberry seeds. Berries too but shipping won’t be cheap.. very limited supply also open to any offers and willing to ship my end first being a new member here with no trade feedback quite yet ❤️ located in the usa
  6. Cactiqueen

    Free bridgesii and pc Brisbane

    What a generous offer nice to see folks like this Just curious why you chose to give them away? I’ve seen lots of giveaways and held many but never any cacti giveaways! Much love
  7. Cactiqueen

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hello everyone, I need to catch up on this thread and start checking in regularly been busy busy hey solipsis
  8. Cactiqueen

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hello everyone, new here and trying to get familiar w the site I have some reishi, wine cap, lions mane and maitake on agar currently happy to trade wedges for just about anything. High on my list of interest is seeds of any kind(cacti,heirloom, ethno,ect) supplies, plants, other cultures ect not sure if being a new member I am allowed to trade so forgive me if not