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  1. Very proud of the Cuban's exemplary medical system creating the abdala vaccine. anti-vaxxers should lobby the government to get their dose donated to people in other countries who want it where people are dying by the thousands (like India).

  2. Im just about to do some repotting and all that...


    Im getting the standard washed sand, perlite and standnard soil mix, but dont know whats the best rocky option. I usually mix in 7mm bluestone (basalt) and ive tried dolerite (I think) before, but heard scoria is good too (my local place stores 20mm but i could pulverising it a bit). Granite is also available in rocks and in dust form (rockdust?). 


    Any recommends / hard NOs?



  3. Could anyone point me in the direction of ABC?


    Would love to give it to a good mate as a present :)))


    Can trade cacti or pay

  4. Does anyone have some beautiful spach crosses to show?


    I have one spach x zelly 6, but I'm really interested in seeing what happens when you combine spach with different coloured spines, larger spines or fatter tings (like cuzco, psy0 or some terscheckii family types)