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  1. Misko

    Meet up: Perth

    What Time is this going until?
  2. As the title suggests im searching for some Lophophoras in Western Australia I had two 6 month old seedlings that my cats knocked over trying to find somewhere warm to sleep...... Happy to pay or trade, I have spores galore, trichs galore including some massive daddy's also looking for ephedra seeds, ideally sinica or vulgaris. if anybody can help out or has something interesting lemme know!
  3. Misko

    Cacti in Western Australia.

    Very interested in a few Lophs
  4. I currently have psilocybe cubensis spores available in the following strains. Albino A+ B+ Golden Teachers Golden Mammoths Hawaiian Tasmanian Albino Penis Envy Penis Envy Uncut PM me for any details all for microscopy purposes.
  5. Various Psilocybe Cubensis prints available. AA+, Golden mammoths, Golden Teachers, Hawaiian, Tasmanian, B+ along with various cultures of other species/strains Pm for details  PEUC, APE, Z strain coming soon! Inquire within
  6. Misko

    5 Flowhoods available

    I recently acquired 3 biological containment units in perfect working order. I pulled 1 apart and flipped the 1200x600 filter and blower horizontally and it has worked beautifully so far. I have two 1200x600 and 3 600x600 filters, along with blowers, speed controllers and a proper plenum for sale. I'd like to sell them as whole units ideally. The 600x600s come with a protective cage. I currently have my filter open on a table, level and it is working flawlessly. I can send pictures to any interested parties. I also have 2 fully working biological containment units with uv lights and vacuum/gas pumps if anyone is interested in the whole thing. 600x600 kit is $600 1200x600 kit is $1000 Location is Perth WA,
  7. Misko

    Prints wanted

    Still after prints?
  8. Various Psilocybe Cubensis prints available. AA+, Golden mammoths, golden Teachers along with various cultures of other strains. Pm for details PEUC, APE, Z strain