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    Spores for microscopy

    I have some spore prints and swabs for microscopy here is the list the prints are $30 each swabs $25, (3 prints for $80 with free post!) Prints. Golden mammoth Golden teacher Luecistic Golden teacher AA+ Costa rican Blue meanie Jmf Crimson elephant ($25) Swabs (2 swab packs) Averys albino Cambodian. Message me if you would like anything.
  2. Emeraldjewels

    *** cuts

    I have a few *** cuts for sale pm me please
  3. Emeraldjewels

    Trichocereus cuts

    Here I have 3, trichocereus cuts Trichocereus bridgesii 40cm Trichocereus j1 30cm Trichocereus pachanoi jacob 30cm Asking @165 for all of them, plus I'll chuck in another 30cm jacob and a small seedling. Make me an offer if you want them seperate
  4. Emeraldjewels

    Ethno plants

    Looking for plants, what do you have to offer? Pm me. Looking for camping, viridis.
  5. Emeraldjewels


    Looking for brugsmansia cuttings and viable seeds, message me if you have anything thanks.
  6. Emeraldjewels

    Trichocereus cuttings

    Offer me a price for these cuttings there is a 54cm peruvianus hybrid, and 2 san pedro jacob cuts 1 28cm and the other 22cmI cant seem to upload pics atm message me for pics.
  7. Emeraldjewels


    Anyone looking for sally cuts message me ;)
  8. Emeraldjewels

    Coffee plants

    Pm if you have any
  9. Emeraldjewels

    viridis and carth fresh leaves

    please pm me, willing to trade
  10. Emeraldjewels

    Chacruna plants

    looking for plants pm me what you have.
  11. Emeraldjewels


    Looking for psychotria cuttings pm me
  12. Emeraldjewels


    Hi I can pay for them I would prefer plants with roots
  13. Emeraldjewels

    Cactus cuttings

    Looking for cactus cuttings pm me what you have.
  14. Emeraldjewels

    Artemisia vulgaris (tree)

    Looking for rooted cuttings of the mugwort tree pm me
  15. Emeraldjewels

    Artemisia vulgaris (tree)

    Still looking
  16. Emeraldjewels


  17. Emeraldjewels

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Pmed you my address
  18. Emeraldjewels

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    If it’s ok I’d be happy to have some
  19. Emeraldjewels

    Bridgesii seed giveaway CLOSED

    Yes please :)
  20. Emeraldjewels

    Pe6 spores for microscopy

    Have some spores for sale, pm me
  21. Emeraldjewels


    Hi, looking for caapi plants and also psychotria plants, and cactus cuttings or seedlings
  22. Emeraldjewels

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    I’d like one, is there any left? Thank you