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    Newbie (Again)

    God, yesterday was awful with the heat. I had to get to the GP which is about 30 mins away.. My car is a V6 4WD (black!) and I had hardly any fuel so couldn’t blast the aircond. I thought I was going to pass out. The Riverland is even hotter but hopefully I won’t *need* the doctor as much for a start, but also I want to be able to just walk places you know? Here you have to drive everywhere (forget public transport) and days like today - Saturday during tourist season - I’d rather go towards Melb to somewhere like Frankston than deal with the chaos on the Peninsula. Last time I was in the Riverland I went down the street on a Monday and seriously wondered if it was a public holiday it was that quiet. It wasn’t. That’s what I want, and I’m doing things to make it happen
  2. ZefSide95

    Newbie (Again)

    It’s a living hell for me and I don’t even do it. Atm we have half of Melb here for tourist season and it’s absolute chaos. With the hot weather and long days I feel like I can’t breathe. Not to mention the noise.. I can’t seem to cope with noise (other than things like music) like other people can. Not feeling very good at all right now Hi to the other people..
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    Newbie (Again)

    God I know.. I avoid mainstream media as much as possible but I was on google and saw this article about Melbourne’s population growth. The thing is, I could feel it already. I live near the freeway and I’m often up at crazy hours because it’s the only time I get some peace and quiet. I notice the traffic starting, as in the commuter traffic, and it’s gotten earlier and earlier. At the moment it starts at around 3:30am!! Ethno wise.. Nothing haha. Well, nothing at the moment. I started coming here in about 1999 because my ex-husband was right into a whole lot of stuff. Once I get in better place (geographically and mentally) - psychedelics. Do you find the shrooms or grow them? That was one of the few things my ex didn’t do (grow them) and that’s probably because it’s very difficult (?)