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  1. andros88

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    Ah awesome - thanks for the advice waterboy! Appreciate it
  2. andros88

    Loph multi heads up for trade (CLOSED)

  3. andros88

    a. simplex wanted

    Glad to hear you've found the seeds Northerner. For anyone looking for seeds I found this ebay seller from New Caledonia: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/50-ACACIA-SIMPLEX-simplicifolia-seeds/142191726359?hash=item211b498f17:g:T6IAAMXQVs1RjYXk:rk:3:pf:0 I just ordered a pack but haven't received it yet so can't vouch for their service, but their ebay ratings look pretty good.
  4. andros88

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    Thanks for your input waterboy - should I be using a tall plastic container instead?
  5. andros88

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    Thanks Gimli, I've washed the existing mix off the roots & transplanted them into native mix. When I took them out they had a strong(ish) root system - so hopefully they'll recover. Definitely won't fertilize. Hope my babies live!!! There has to be a disclaimer with acuminatas like "extremely sensitive to phosphorus" in large bold letters somewhere online for us gardening noobs (wasn't aware of this until Glaukus pointed it out). I also have a maidenii, floribunda & obtusifolia that are doing fine in the normal mix.
  6. andros88

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    Are my plants dead? Attached pics of acuminata (narrow phyllode) and burkittii spp. There is shockingly little info about acacias online.. will they recover??
  7. 2 rooted B Caapi Ourinhos cuttings available to trade (can trade one or both), both about 20cm in length. They come from the gorgeous mother plant growing in my courtyard. I can throw in some P. Harmala seeds (and some carnivorous plant seeds - drosera burmanii, capensis alba) too. Interested in L. williamsii seeds - but open to any offerings! Happy trading!
  8. And last one has been traded! Thanks folks
  9. andros88

    Acacia acuminata losing leaves, drying out

    Hi Glaukus - thanks for your advice. I'm guessing the "Osmocote Professional Native Potting Mix" available from Bunnings would be suitable? From the description of the mix on the Bunnings website: Formulated as an open, well drained mix that creates ideal conditions for drought tolerant and phosphorus sensitive plants. Low phosphorus to prevent yellowing leaves and phosphorus toxicity Phosphorus toxicity may very well be the issue. I had no idea!! Will pick up some tomorrow & hold off on fertilizing. Thanks a bunch for your help
  10. Caapi in the orange pot has been taken, only the one in the blue pot left!
  11. andros88

    cactus sale

    Hi @applesnail - can you please PM me with availability and prices? Interested in purchasing a few but limited to only one PM a day... cheers.