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  1. Enjaytee

    Acacia phlebophylla

    Oh thankyou @withdrawl clinic I like to foto
  2. Enjaytee

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    I’d be interested to know too. Any luck? @Dozer
  3. Hey good job on the presentation to everyone involved. Great speakers and some solid info.
  4. Enjaytee

    P.som var Album ‘Galania’

    @Glaukus Ay nothing worth having is easy to obtain. Yes very pretty and def worth growing, I think I have some sorted. If all goes to plan I’ll have some to share with the community in the near future.
  5. Enjaytee

    P.som var Album ‘Galania’

    As the title says looking for a good source of P.som var Album ‘Galania’
  6. Enjaytee

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hey @Boof the ones in the long grass are c.molybdites and it looks like you have a few different sorts in the tray pic. Toss out anything you are unsure of. I can’t comment on the other short grass and leafy mulch ones.
  7. Enjaytee

    Iboga cultivation in Melbourne?

    I’m in sub tropics and mine look like it’s on the verge of death during winter. Really not confident with it growing in vic, that’s not to say it can’t be done. ;) If you can keep temps above 15°C she’ll be right. Go for it!
  8. Enjaytee

    P.somniferum ’Izmir Giganteum’ seeds

    All done. Posting today.
  9. I have some seeds to give away. First in best dressed. I did a giveaway post in fb group but forum peeps get priority. ;) Pick up Gold Coast or can post. Send me a message if you want some.
  10. Enjaytee

    Flower photo competition

    @od101010 hey I appreciate that but it’s yours fair n square. Sick pic! Nice comp @sharxx101
  11. Enjaytee


    Whoa mate what a beauty!