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  1. Enjaytee

    [Closed] Yopo Seed

    Hey @ph7 you still after some a.peregrina seed?
  2. Enjaytee

    N.rustica seeds giveaway (ended)

    Hi mate. Can I please grab some if they are still available.
  3. Enjaytee

    Cloning with Aloe Vera gel

    I’ve heard of it being used but haven’t tried it. No harm in having a crack and doing a side by side comparative grow. Lots of theories on cutting aids, honey, saliva etc. I’ve pretty much stopped using hormones for any cuttings as I’ve found as long as it is actively growing when cut, there is no need for it.
  4. Enjaytee

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey I’m doing my best to make it there. Keen to meet some of you guys. Is there a set time or are folks hangin out all day?
  5. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Howdy. I’m Enjaytee. Forum noob. Feel free to school me on forum etiquette. Harvested my first iboga fruits today. It’s true that they smell like jizz when you bust ‘em open. Soaking the seeds in water overnight and planting them toMorrow evening. Moved some plants from pots into the ground. ( brugs, cacti, d.cooperi) sowed some poppies ‘giganteum’, Lauren’s grape, Flemish antique, and lavender dbl. A load of tricho seed has germinated. Sowed some hbwr, heavenly blue and Rivea corymbosa. Sowed Chillis, basil, Shiso, lavender, dill, mugwort and too many other herbs/veges to mention. Made some soil primo soil mixes. Fkkn spring ay. Busy times.