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    Ethno seed bundle Giveaway

    @enthearch108 haha. Sure. In the off chance that you win both I just ask that you share them around.
  2. Enjaytee

    Rocky cacti mix ins

    I don’t fuck with perlite. At all. Personally I’ll use whatever I have on hand or can get a hold of. My local landscape yard had 5mm riverstone that i bought in bulk so I always add that. Scoria from bunnings is a nice addition. (Best to give it a good rinse first) and in the pool section at bunnings is a product called zeochlor which is 3mm zeolite. Woolworths cat litter in the orange bag is 100% zeolite (it’s very economical) but also needs a thorough rinse. Only ever use sand if it’s coarse and sieve and rinse the Jesus out of it.
  3. Enjaytee

    Nangs: A guilty pleasure

    @sagiXsagi put it on the “to do” list.
  4. Enjaytee

    Ololiuhqui (Rivea Corymbosa)

    From the album: My Garden

  5. Enjaytee

    Post your track of the day

    My big brother had this on vinyl. As a youth I would thrash this tune. Seems relevant. Here it is.
  6. Enjaytee

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Hey gang. Hope everyone is well. Sifted a shit tonne of soil which kept me busy. Chore! The monotony was therapeutic tho. Making soils mixes for cacti, Potting up cactus, sowing poppies and been pruning hard, clearing old plants out. Kind of felt like the yard was getting swallowed by plants so I’ve opened it up a bit. A lot more sun coming in too. I’ve got a bit of grafting to do but I’m putting it off for the colder months when there is less to do outside. i have Sown some dream herb seeds. (African & Mexican) Put some stramonium seedlings in the ground. Sowed some datura wrightii, tatula, metel and more stramonys. Heres some recent pics from the garden. Plectranthus amboinicus aka Mexican mint. Anybody here ever cook with this?? A psychotria that caught my eye Looking perty N.Rustica germination (I got these from @Humboldta lil while back.) Cheers mate! Some brugs action Lacewing being badass My prized loph got rot on Center button boooooo! Slapped together a raised bed with some rocks. Sowing poppies in there for now. ive been trialing a cloner. Did some krat, voacanga, psychotria and brugs. Seems to work well with minimal fuss. Seed grown Bridgessii and Some hulk x Psycho0 crosses. The hulk x Psycho0 will become graft stock. Seed grown Mugwort Happy gardening folks
  7. Enjaytee

    Qat - how many days from flowers to seed?

    Is it it’s first time flowering? The first time mine flowered I was excited for seed but they all dropped off.
  8. Enjaytee

    don't cha hate it when..

    Yanking a tuft of clover from your cactus pot with Kung fu quickness only to have the root hold on last minute and pull the pot and spines into hand at full force. Derrrrrrr
  9. Enjaytee

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    Congratulations @Dozer it’s yours! Send me some posting details. Sorry everyone else. Better luck next time.
  10. Enjaytee

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    I appreciate the sentiment... but fuck that!
  11. Enjaytee

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    @Solipsisits still on. @Dozer get in there n have a crack. @enthearch108 anything is possible. Although below 10 degree Celsius this plant will rapidly decline. Picking a number this evening.
  12. Enjaytee

    Youtube vids

  13. Enjaytee

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    @Ypsilophora just dropped the post count to ten. Get in there.
  14. Enjaytee

    Wanted : Datura stramonium v. tatula

    Yup. Pm me some postal details.
  15. Enjaytee

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Hey gang. I went out for a solo wander on the Gold Coast yesterday. A lot of action in the cubey kind of way. Cubes are a dear friend of mine and was nice to get reacquainted after such a long time without.
  16. Enjaytee

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Went for a forage on Thursday. A lot of pans about . Needless to say my Friday was Enjoyable.
  17. Enjaytee

    Post your track of the day

    @waterboy 2.0
  18. Enjaytee

    Shipibo Leaf Roots

    From the album: My Garden

  19. Enjaytee

    Rubiaceae Fam

    From the album: My Garden