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  1. Flux - count me in. Thanks for you generosity!
  2. jojomcgogo

    Looking for Caapi in Melbourne

    Trying to source some Caapi in almost any form – a (smallish) plant, cuttings, vine, or leaves. Feel free to PM me about logistics (happy to receive via post, or pick-up/meet-up in Melbourne). Obviously willing to reimburse, or maybe trade one or two of my few month old Acacia Acuminata seedlings.
  3. jojomcgogo

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Found an unwanted bench from the street to move some smaller pots onto – including the acuminata I grew from seed. Potted a Sir Jeans cutting Attempted to train/contain a potted and fast-growing caapi plant
  4. jojomcgogo

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    BTW, the pot you see here is a kinda indoor pot I think - no drainage holes at very bottom - and it also has a bit of a reservoir at the bottom to hold a bit of excess water for self-watering (water will escape if you tip the pot or really over-fill it). Seems to be working well. I think this is it: https://www.bunnings.com.au/home-leisure-39cm-sq-traditional-watersaver-pot-charcoal_p2941487
  5. jojomcgogo

    Advice, b cappi, hot dry summers/cold winters, growing in pots

    This caapi started as a small (maybe 15cm) cutting in October and is going gangbusters under Melbourne conditions (hot and mostly dry) in a pot. Gets fairly direct sun in the morning and is really thirsty. It's not seen it's first winter though - my current plan is to move it to a nice sheltered spot on the well-protected deck, or even into the garage. It grows real quick, so I've been trying to train it back into the lattice installed into the back of the pot, and I also simply plan to prune a lot if things get out of hand - should result in thicker growth anyway.
  6. jojomcgogo

    Acacia giveaway #1

    Would love a new Acacia species! Count me in if possible
  7. jojomcgogo

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Moved some Acacia Acuminata seedlings into bigger pots, and gave my little Caapi something new to cling to.
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  9. jojomcgogo

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Gave this new caapi cutting a place to live and climb.
  10. jojomcgogo

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Sure. Count me in. Thanks for your generosity.
  11. jojomcgogo

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    How generous. Count me in if possible. I'll share with some local friends.
  12. jojomcgogo

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Gave my first cactus a new pot and spot to live
  13. jojomcgogo

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    How old are these ones?
  14. Hi all, Found a large and beautiful gathering of Acacia trees about 10km from Sydney CBD. Sort of on a rocky hill/cliff-side above a brackish creek. I'd suspect longifolia, but I'm far from an expert on this. Anyone know what type of Acacia this is?
  15. My first batch of seedlings have arrived (see photos)! Found lots of great tips online on germination and so far so good, but from here I'm wondering how to give these little ones the best chance of success. They are currently in a very basic mini green house, and living inside (still getting well below 10 degrees outside at night here), and not getting any direct sun at the moment. A few things I'm wondering about: If I give them direct sun inside I imagine it would get pretty toasty in there. Is that a good idea, or should that be avoided? When should these go to pots? Any tips for handling them (I hear they are very sensitive seedlings)? Should I stay as far away as possible from their roots? Standard potting mix? Or seed mix? Any outside soil? When should they start getting sun and time outside? When should I give up on the ones that aren't germinating? It's been about two weeks thus far. If they get that far, I'd like to give them to friends and family to plant in their gardens. What age/height would be a good time to give them a permanent home outside? I've got a worm farm and my other potted plants love the worm juice that comes from it. Should I have any hesitation about giving some to these little ones?